School will be letting out soon and with that comes summer break! Instead of letting your kids sit around inside all day, and repeat how bored they are, consider some of these awesome outdoor activities to get your kids active this summer!

With these 50 fun outdoor activities it will give your children some ways to burn off energy, make fun memories and just enjoy the outdoors! From splashing around in the water cooling off, to playing with sidewalk paint!

50 Outdoor Activities to Get Your Kids Active this Summer

Keep Your Kids Busy With These Outdoor Activities

1. Sidewalk Paint – Mix 1 cup water to 1 cup cornstarch. Mix and pour into separate bowls, and then add food coloring. Let your kids paint away with brushes
2. Go on a bug hunt
3. Create a Treasure Hunt for Your Kids with a neat surprise at the end.
4. Look for Seashells at the Beach
5. Visit a waterpark or splash pad
6. Go on a nature hike
7. Ride bikes
8. Visit a park
9. Camp outside for a day
10. Play in the mud after a rain
11. Water balloon fight
12. Play in the sprinklers
13. Fill water guns full of water and then add some food color or paint, and let them spray it on a canvas to create art. Use a different gun for each color
14. Look for animal tracks and then try to figure out what they are
15. Catch lightening bugs at night
16. Stargaze and look for constellations
17. Plant a garden
18. Freeze plastic toys in a big bowl of ice, and then let your kids break away ice with a hammer to find what toys are inside.
19. Have a lemonade stand
20. Make bird feeders by creating a handle in a toilet paper roll with some ribbon. Then roll it in peanut butter and then sprinkle bird feed on it. Then hang from a tree and sit out and watch birds.
21. Fly a kite
22. Wash your toy cars outside like a car wash
23. Paint rocks and put them in your flower bed or garden
24. Have a picnic outside
25. Read a book or two under a tree
26. Host mini Olympics
27. Play hop scotch
28. Blow Bubbles
29. Make a fort out of cardboard boxes
30. Visit a farmer’s market
31. Hit up a few garage sales
32. Go fishing
33. Build a sandcastle
34. Backfire campfire to roast hot dogs and make s’mores
35. Make a giant twister game on the lawn
36. Play tag
37. Make paper boats and race them at the pond/lake
38. Play mini golf
39. Go to the fair or amusement park
40. Go to the zoo
41. Visit a cave
42. Make a giant slip n slide with a tarp and shaving cream and water
43. Let kids paint each other with tempra paint and then wash off with hose
44. Find someone with a projector and watch a movie outside
45. Grab an old or cheap sheet, and let kids paint art on it, on the lawn.
46. Tinfoil river, let kids create a little river by folding the sides up on tinfoil and making a nice river path. Then pour water down to see the river flow.
47. Frisbee Tic-Tac- Toe game
48. Draw a race track on your driveway with chalk, and let kids race their toy cars
49. Banana Split or ice cream sundae party outside
50. Create paper airplanes and see whose goes farthest

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  1. My husband will be home with our son most of the summer, and these are all great activities for them to tackle! They love to get out and do short hikes in the area. And I love the idea of frisbee tic-tac-toe!

  2. That is a great list of activities. Start with number one and work you way through and then start all over again and your kids will never be bored. My kids are grown but they always loved outside activities.

  3. I honestly don’t have to try to keep my little guy active. He’s always on the go. Instead, these will be great activities for me to do with him and myself become more active.

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