Happy Parents Equal Happy Kids

Parent Influence - Happy Parents Equal Happy Kids

After having been divorced and having failed relationships, one thing I have learned through trial and error is that happy parents equal happy kids. This saying often is confused with the fact that a married happy couple equals happy kids. While the best case scenario is that you have married the right person, had kids together and remain united forever and ever, these days it’s quite common for people to simply have kids and not end up staying with the other parent.  In cases where you find out that you are now a single parent and you are angry, bitter or sad about the situation, remember that you aren’t a failure for divorcing. Divorce happens just as easily as getting pregnant happens for many women. Reality is, being a single parent doesn’t mean you can’t still be a happy parent and today I am going to discuss how happy parents, regardless of relationship status, equals happy kids.

Parent Influence - Happy Parents Equal Happy Kids

Work through Your Demons

Every individual needs to be able to come to grip with reality, whatever demons you have from your past must be resolved before you can be happy in your current situation. In order to be a happy married or single parent you must learn to conquer those mistakes, regrets and anything else that keeps you from being happy. Whether you work through these demons on your own or find a therapist who can guide you towards resolution, the first step to being a happy parent is to work through your demons.

Kids Only Know Love

Remember that your kids only pay attention to who gives them attention, who feeds them and who ensures their needs are met. Granted kids will often spout out negatives when a consequence is given or something doesn’t turn out as they had hoped, but that doesn’t mean anything personal. Kids truly only know love, it’s parents and society that teaches kids hate, anger and negative emotions. Your kids aren’t paying attention to the adult world, meaning they don’t care nor need to know the adult scenarios that are keeping you from being a ha


Practice Gratitude

Whether single or married, it’s important to show kids how to express gratitude. Yes, even showing your kids gratitude matters. Express your gratitude to your kids, your friends and other family members any chance you get. Practicing gratitude helps to humble you and bring you to a place of peace and happiness. When you focus on all that you have to be grateful for, single or not, you become a happy parent. When gratitude is the center of your world, kids grow up to be similar to that and in turn are raised in a happy home by a happy parent or two happy parents.


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Let it Go

The key to being a happy parent and in turn raising happy kids is to let everything else go in the world that holds you down. No longer allow society to tell you what type of parent you need to be, work from your gut as a parent and be who you are to your core. Work each day to wake up realizing it’s a new day and a fresh start. Learn to accept your imperfections and embrace the skills you are wonderful at. Learn that you have the ability to be a better person and in turn, a happier parent, every single day. Make each day count and soon you will see regardless of your relationship status that happy parents equally happy kids every single time!

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