Clever Ways to Use Kool Aid Around the Home

Who knew that little pack of Kool Aid sitting in your cupboard could be used for more than a sugary drink! Sit back, and keep reading to find all the clever ways you can use Kool Aid around your home!

From cleaning your dishwasher to testing for leaks in a toilet, you will be amazed at all the clever ways to use Kool Aid!

Clever Ways to Use Kool-Aid In your Home

Clever Ways to Use Kool Aid

Dishwasher: Put the lemon flavor into your dishwasher detergent area to help break down buildup in your dishwasher!

Toilet Cleaner: Put some of the citrus flavored Kool Aid into your toilet, and let it sit for a bit. The citric acid will break down buildup. Then just use your toilet bowl wand to clean.

Test for Toilet Leak: Think your toilet might be leaking. Open the back of your toilet where the water is, and pour in a packet of Kool Aid. Then if your toilet is leaking, the colored water will be seen on the floor. You will know the water came from the toilet.

Dye Yarn: If you have yarn, you can dye it. Simply wash the yarn gently with baby shampoo. Then add the color of the Kool Aid you are wanting mix, it with some water in a pan. Turn it on medium, and let the water come to a boil, and then cover the pot and turn heat off. Let it sit for an hour, and your yarn will soak up the color.  You will use 1-2 packets of Kool Aid for an ounce of yarn, to give you an idea of what you will need.

Easter Eggs: Want to color Easter eggs, this is a safe natural alternative! Just add 2/3 cups water to 1 packet of Kool Aid. Let your hard boiled eggs soak in the mixture, until it reaches the color you desire.

Play Dough: In a bowl mix 1 cup of flour, 1/4 cup salt, 1 tsp cream of tartar, 1 tbs of vegetable oil, and 2 packets of Kool Aid, and 3/4 cup water. Mix over medium heat, it will then form it to the consistency of what you want. When you are done playing with it store in air tight container.

Color Clothespins: If you have clothespins, you can take 3 cups of boiling hot water, to two packets of Kool Aid, and soak it for around an hour or more. Let it soak until it reaches the consistency of the color you want. Then let dry. These colored clothespins are fun for crafts you might create with kids.

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Find out what you can do with those old packets of Kool-Aid up in your cupboard with these clever ways to use Kool-Aid in your house.

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  1. Bahahah, the fact that you can use KoolAid to do these things makes me never want to drink it! Not that I drink it a ton now, but it was something we drank a LOT growing up!

  2. Catherine Sargent says: Reply

    I didn’t know Kool Aid had so many uses. I will have to try it in my dishwasher.

  3. I had no idea there were so many uses for Kool-Aid. Using them as a dye for Easter Egg is a great idea.

  4. I love the colored clothespin idea! My husband used to use Kool Aid in the navy to polish brass, too! It has lots of uses.

  5. I love the play dough idea! I cant wait to do playdough with my little one and I am totally doing that!

  6. What great ideas! I love the idea of color clothespins — I bet you also could dye popsicle sticks for crafts with Kool-Aid.

  7. Tami @ ThisMomsDelight says: Reply

    What awesome ways to use the childhood drink that I no longer have a desire for! My kiddo will enjoy the play dough and eggs for sure.

  8. Annemarie LeBlanc says: Reply

    Wow. I did not know you can use Kool Aid in other ways other than drinking it. I think I will use it to make play dough.

  9. I never would have thought to use Kool aid to clean the bathroom! That is so cool! We don’t really have kool aid here in Norway though!

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