How to Plan the Perfect Prom

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There a few nights in our lives as exciting and special as a prom night. So when it comes to our kids heading off for their prom night it is no wonder that we want it to be as fun and as magical for them as possible. All the best proms come down to careful planning and strong organization. So whether you and a group of parents are pulling together to organize a prom night or whether you want to help your kids organize a night to remember here are some top tips on ensuring it will be a night enjoyed by all.

Settle on the Key Details

So first things first. You are going to need to organize a date and a place and get those all important invitations out. So whether the prom is going to be held at an event space within the school or at a different location, you are going to need to decide on the venue as the first thing that needs to be agreed upon. Once you have agreed upon the venue you can then organize the date and you can then let everyone know when and where the event is happening.

You can now advertise events online, which makes it super easy to constantly update details as and when necessary in the lead up to the event. So it is better to get the event date and venue up there as soon as possible so that everyone knows when it is happening. All the finer details can be added in as they are organized.

The Finer Details

So now the concrete details are set you are then going to need to start thinking about the finer details that will really make the night special and unique. Think about the theme. Whether it is going to be something romantic like a ‘Night in Paris’ or whether it will be a fun fancy dress night themed with a famous movie like ‘Back to the Future’ or ‘Grease’. Maybe you prefer more of a venue theme like ‘under the sea’ rather than a fancy dress code, so think about these details and then update them on the online event portal.

If you have decided on a remote venue that is far away from the school then you are going to need to think about how to get everyone to and from that venue. For party bus rentals try here for more information about making getting to and from the venue in a super fun way that would be an extra treat for the children. This can work well as an extra way to congratulate all them for all their hard work throughout school. You will also want to think about the food and drink that you want to include on the nights itself and again add this type of information to the invitation.


Now that you have all the details in place and have all those details online on your interactive event forum you now need to enlist the help of volunteers. Get a group of parents and teachers together to make sure that not only does the night run smoothly and all the details go according to plan but that everyone has fun and enjoys a night to remember.

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