Ways to Raise a Happier Child

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I think as parents we want our children to grow up to be the best version of themselves.  Being a happy, loving, kind, determined child. I have seen over the years that every child has their own personality that begins to bloom as they grow up. Some are just happy from the get go and smile non-stop, while others might be a bit quieter or shy. Here are some tips to keep your child happy and content. These tips are great for keeping your child happy or helping them step out of their shell a bit.

You Can’t Force Your Child to Be Happy

I know that might sounds strange for a post about raising a happy child. But we as parents can force our child to be happy at the end of the day. However with some of the tools and tips below you can help show them how they can be happy, and let them choose if they decide to!

Tips to Raise a Happy Child

Raising a Happy and Content Child

Role Model

Be a role model for your child. Choose to find the good in things, have some good laughs and be silly with your kids and loved ones. They will watch you live a relaxed and happy lifestyle and could choose to follow that.

Play Dates

Make sure your child has play dates if possible with children their own age. This is a great way for them to feel like they fit in, share some fun play time and hopefully be very fun for your little one.


Make sure to praise your child for the things they do. Picking up toys on their own, listening, any achievements, etc. This is a great way for them to see you are proud of them. If they fail at something make sure to tell them you are still proud of them for trying. Don’t only praise successes but praise for the effort of trying. This shows no matter what you are proud of them!

Teach Them How To Be Grateful

Make sure to foster teaching your child to be grateful for the things around them. From the clothes they wear, family members, home, toys, etc. By teaching your child to be grateful will allow them to have a better more positive outlook on life! And in that can lead to a more happy outlook!

Teach Optimism

Being optimistic about life is something you have to work at. It is so easy to see the negative sides to situations over the positive. Try and help your child see the good in any circumstance or situation that comes their way!

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