5 Tips to Boost Toddler’s Speech

5 Tips to Boost Toddlers Speech

It is so fun when your toddler begins to say their first words. Then as they grow even bigger their gibber-gabber will turn into full words. Between the ages of 2 and 3 kids can really begin to pick up words faster, and you will hear them chattering away. We as parents have a huge impact on our child’s language and speech skills! Today I am going to share tips to boost your toddler’s speech!

How to Encourage Your Toddler To Speak More

The best thing you can do is work hard at trying to help them learn new words and expand their minds. The more you encourage time to talk even though you may not know what they are saying, it will benefit them greatly for the future! So let’s check out those tips below!

How to Encourage Your Toddler To Speak More 

5 Tips to Boost Toddlers Speech

Use Real Words 

When your child starts out talking they will use simple words like “dada”, “mama”, etc. Make sure you are using the proper words so that your child when they are capable will use the true words as well. If you can “ba ba” their bottle, they won’t ever learn that the real word is a bottle. So try and help them learn by using the correct words when you can.

Play Dates 

Allowing your child to be around other toddlers their age, will really help. Even if the group of toddlers isn’t that chatty, they can learn to interact and listen. it is a great way to slowly help them learn to talk. All the toddlers could be talking gibberish and having a grand time as well. Either way, as they grow and are around each other, they will learn to communicate.

Read To Toddler 

Taking the time to read is a great way to help prepare for speech. Make sure to look at what is on the page, and tell your child that the picture is of a dog or a baby just like them. With your toddler being able to see the image along with hearing the word, is really a great way to teach them and hopefully begin to practice their speech skills!

Pay Attention To Ques 

If your child is pointing and looking at something with wonderment, they might be trying to ask what that is. Make sure if you see them interested tell them what they are looking at. If your child sees a bird in the sky, then say, “Yes that is a bird flying high in the sky.” These moments will help them learn that that thing in the sky is a bird.

Communicate Words 

Make sure that you are using words when you pick up a toy to play with it. That way your child knows this is a big ball or toy car. Use playtime as an opportunity as well. If your child has a play phone, answer it like you would your own and say hello, and carry on a short conversation. Then hand the phone over to your child. These forms of play are a great way for your child to see and begin to practice speaking on their own.

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