3 Ways To Exercise With Kids In Tow

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It can be hard to find the time to do many things when you’re a parent, not least working out and sticking to an exercise regime. However, there have been developments over the years that have meant that children are able to get involved in the exercise that we’re doing – even if they’re not having to do it themselves. But just how do we do it, especially when they’re a lot younger?

Buy A Bike Trailer 

Children love getting out in the open air. Not only is it great for them to get out and see the world, but it also tires them out, meaning that you’ll be able to stick to a routine in regards to nap time. Bike trailers are brilliant at providing a safe space for your children (yes, you can fit in more than one!) to go whilst you are riding along. There’s more information about which are the best ones to suit your bike and budget from BikeTrailersHub.com, and it’s definitely worth looking around as there are so many to choose from. A lot of them can convert into strollers that you can use to jog with should you not fancy riding a bike around, so you can mix and match with different types of cardio to work your way back into exercise gently.

Got A Sling? Use It!  

If your child is still small enough to fit into a sling (most can be used up until they’re five years old), there’s a lot of potential for you to be able to use it in relation to exercise. Of course there is the obvious walks and hikes that you can do, but there are now dance classes appearing all over the world that you can take part in – and so can your child. They are safe dance moves that rely on the extra weight of your child to provide the workout that you need. Even small things like bending down and getting yourself up again with your child in tow can be enough to bring on the sweat.

Set Up An Obstacle Course  

If you have an outside space which is currently going unused, setting up an obstacle course together can be a great way to bond. There are certain ideas online that you can use to give you inspiration, but you may want to focus on creating things which are specific to your workout routine. It doesn’t take much money to do, especially if you can find people who are willing to donate things like old tyres, bricks and planks of wood for you to be able to make your own routes up. Kids will have great fun trying to work through the bits that they are able to do, and you can even set up competitions to see who can do it in the quickest time. Try and think outside of the box – there’s a lot of creativity that can be put to good use when working together to make an obstacle course.

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