Family Car Wars: Subaru Outback VS Kia Sportage

When you are learning to drive, it’s easy to go car shopping in your head. If you’re a single person, you might look at the best sports cars and check out the speeds that they reach on the open road. If you’re learning later in life for the sake of the children you have, you’ll be checkout the cars with the most up to date safety features and the best technology so you can drive and be child-friendly. Trying to find the right car and ensure you have all the confidence in the world to get behind the wheel isn’t easy, but car shopping can be an absolute minefield. There are so many options in front of you that it makes a lot of sense to take someone knowledgeable about cars with you while you shop, to help you identify the best features that you need.

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Looking for a car that fits all the family members, especially those who require large car seats is a big job. Securing a car for your growing family takes time and a lot of research and not just into the size of the back seat. You need to think about the space in the boot, the rear doors (do you want sliding doors?), the seats and their fixings. You also need to decide whether you buy a car with enough space for the family you have in ten years, or the family you have right now. This can really affect your decision on a car model, especially if you plan for a big family down the line. So, what do you need to know about your family car and how can you compare the right models?

A good place to start is always the internet! Part of buying a car is test driving and getting to know a brand, but before you take that step you need to do some intensive research on the models that give you everything you want in one vehicle. There are many lists like these ones that are featured on websites geared toward families that can help you narrow down your decision. In this article, we are going to compare the top two cars on the Best Family Car Award 2017 list: the Subaru Outback and the Kia Sportage. Hopefully, by the end of reading this article you’ll have a clear decision in front of you.

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Subaru Outback

In 2017, the Subaru Outback was voted the number 1 best seller for family cars. It has been voted that the Outback was the most practical, the most sensible and one of the most versatile cars that can be bought on the road today. It’s not just the outside of the car that matters, even though a pretty and shiny car on the road is a very attractive feature. The all-wheel drive and technology, alongside the safety features as well as the efficiency of the car itself give it a tremendous reseller value.

The Outback is more than the standard SUV: it is capable. With two rows and five passenger seats, the comfort of the interior of the car is better than any other Subaru model. The leather seats are adjustable electronically – so handy when moving the seats to make room for car seats – and with climate controlled air conditioning on board, there’s no discomfort regardless of the weather. One of the best features of the Outback is the fact it has an X-Mode off road system. This makes it more of an adventuremobile, meaning that whether you’re driving the hills to find a good camping spot, or heading over snow and ice on the motorway, your family is safe. The cargo area is big enough to support your needs, from holiday luggage to groceries.

The Subaru Outback has achieved a five-star ANCAP safety rating, which is a direct result of the rigorous safety testing involved. Think about it, when you’re driving a family car, the safety features are the first thing on the list. Seven SRS airbags, a front seat designed to reduce whiplash and a seat design that is purely supportive are all safety features that can be relied on. EyeSight driver assist is a part of the award-winning technology of the Outback, and you can read about that in far more depth here. There is a camera on the car that has an extra-wide angle, which means you can see everything behind you. Every parent knows that eyes in the back of the head are so important, so you’ll appreciate the ability to view the area behind you on the screen in front of you.

Overall, the Subaru Outback has many features that are well-loved by parents everywhere. Add to the features the stunning exterior and the ability to have a sleek, on-road presence, and you have an impressive vehicle with an aerodynamic performance that people will envy.

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Kia Sportage

The impressively modern and progressive design of the Kia Sportage is part of the reason that this vehicle came second in the Best Family Car Awards 2017. The combination of quality interiors and comfort as well as a price that is comfortable for a family makes the Kia Sportage a popular choice. These are the qualities often looked for in a family vehicle, and the Sportage has all of these features in spades. Families are saying hello to technology with the advanced safety features of the car, as well as the push-button start it has.

There is a huge cargo area of the car, making it perfect for those many school bags and room for a pushchair. There is a bonus in that the Sportage has a liftgate that is hands-free, perfect when you are juggling small children. All you have to do is stand next to it for a few seconds and it will start on its own – what a perk. There is more than one load level and this means the car offers flexibility that other cars cannot when it comes to space. An intelligent park-assist system is a fantastic safety feature in a family car, meaning that even with those in-car distractions you won’t be fretting when parking up.

The Sportage is rather smaller than the Outback, which is why this came second on the list of the best family cars. There is room for an infant car seat, when you slide the front seat forward a little, but there’s a bit less room if you have need for more than one infant seat in the back. There is, however, a lot of safety features that the Sportage can boast. Rear backup camera, stability control and multiple airbags are standard in the Kia Sportage, but the blind-spot detection and lane-change assist can add something wonderful.

When it comes to cars, beauty is a feature everyone loves and the Kia Sportage is enviably attractive. Every new and old driver loves presence on the road, and the Sportage has this in spades. The headlights, the bumper styling in its vehicular aggressiveness and the tasteful chrome give the Sportage a look of luxury that other cars miss out on. You can read here about the touchscreen infotainment system that can utilize Apple CarPlay and Android. The cost of the Sportage is reasonable and it’s definitely a stunning starter car for a family, but perhaps not the best in a long-term plan. Overall, the Kia Sportage is a well-loved family brand, it’s just not as quick to the post as the Outback.

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The Kia Sportage is a good candidate against the Subaru Outback, but the Outback is the clear winner. The features inside the car as well as the exterior look and the way it runs outstrip the Kia Sportage. Voting for the Outback over the Sportage is clear, but when you go to buy your own car you mustn’t forget that you have to go on personal taste. Every review you read on any vehicle is going to come from someone who may have different needs for it than you do. Your car choice is going to depend very much on your own needs on the road. However, never dismiss the Best Family Car Awards for a good idea on which car is right for you – it could make a huge difference to which brand you choose to test drive.

When you choose your first family car, consider the features to look or on this list. Your family safety is a priority, but you should consider your personal preferences. A car you consider to be ugly won’t be as fun to drive even if it is the safest car around. Choosing between the Outback and the Sportage is not going to be easy – after all, you have to consider your needs as well as the best run car on the road, but it’s a good place to start! The top two cars on the awards list always need great consideration to make your family road trips a little safer as well as fun!

Family Car Wars: Subaru Outback VS Kia Sportage

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