Preparing Your Home For An Elderly Relative

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There will come a time in our lives when we will need to look after our elderly parents or grandparents. Eventually, they may begin to struggle with their hearing, sight and simple tasks; possibly even suffering from memory problems too. When we are children, the adults in our family do everything for us; from feeding us, clothing us, bathing us to taking us to school every day. As we grow into adults and our relatives grow older, our roles begin to switch until we are the ones who need to look after them.

There are a few different care options out there; you could opt for a care home, assisted living, letting them stay at their residence, or moving them in with you. If you decide to move a relative into your home, there a several different things you will need to implement for easier living.

Orthopaedic Chairs

Because the elderly become weaker, their joints and muscles struggle with bending down and standing up after an extended period. This means that something as simple as sitting in a chair can become a task. Luckily plenty of companies make electric recliner chairs which also rise up; meaning that your elderly relative will have the extra help they need.

Bath Lift

Like above, bad back pain makes it hard to sit in the bath. Elderly people can struggle to stand in a shower cubicle for a lengthy period of time, which is why sitting in the bath is a safer option. You can install a bath lift which is essentially a seat which lowers into the bath and rises up afterward.

Emergency Alert System

If you have a full time job which requires you to be out of the house for long periods of time during the week, it might be a good idea to install an alert system such as This is essentially a cord or button which installed in your home which when activated contacts the emergency services. This means that if your elderly relative has a nasty fall or accident while you aren’t in the house, medical professionals will be alerted and can come to their aid. It puts your mind at ease and allows you to leave the house without too much worry.

Stair Lift

Your elderly relative will want independence in the home, and part of this means being able to roam around the house freely. If you have a multiple story home, this may involve installing a stair lift to make access easier and safer for your relative. You can find stair lifts online such as here: They are a little pricey, but the independence they give is worth the investment for your loved one.

Disability Toilet Features

Finally, you should consider trying to make your bathroom facilities accessible to your relative. As they have in disabled toilets in public, a wall bar can make a huge difference to your relative and allow them to visit the toilet independently.


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