Cool Hacks To Turn Your Home Into A Movie Theatre


 Our family loves going to the movies, but it’s just so darn expensive these days. The tickets alone are a rip-off, and enough to put us off altogether. If you’re finding it hard to justify paying for the cinema, then don’t worry, here are some cool hacks you can try to turn your living room into a movie theatre.

Hook Up A Projector

One of the main reasons you go to a movie theatre is because they play your favourite films on a massive screen. This is something most people think is hard to recreate at home with a TV. Well, that’s true, you will struggle to get a TV that’s big enough to fit across your whole living room wall. If you did find one, it would cost a fortune. But, the trick is to copy exactly what movie theatres do. They don’t have a giant screen, they show their films through a projector. Well, you can hook your living room up with a projector and create the proper movie theatre experience. Aside from a good projector, all you really need is ample space on your wall to fit the projector screen. Dim the lights, turn the projector on, and you’ve got the perfect setting for an amazing film night.

Create A Movie Library

Naturally, what sets a movie theatre apart from a regular old house? The long list of films they’re showing of course! Luckily, there are some easy little hacks you can use to turn your living room into a movie library without having to buy loads of DVDs. All you have to do is gain access to an on-demand TV service that provides you with a back catalogue of movies to watch at any time. A lot of cable providers do this nowadays, meaning you can watch all the movies from movie channels whenever you want. There are also services like Netflix or Hulu that do this too. In one simple step, you’ve got hundreds of movies at your disposal – your own movie library!

Implement Surround Sound

Another key difference between your house and a movie theatre is the sound quality. In fact, as an avid movie fan, I’d say this is probably the biggest difference. You can recreate picture quality at home, but it’s very hard to replicate the amazing sound quality you experience at the movies. The secret is tackling things from all angles – literally! Get yourself a surround sound system so you can hear the film from all four corners of your room. You’ll be amazed at how much this improves your watching experience, and surround sound systems usually have great quality audio. It will feel less like you’re at home and more like you’re in a movie theatre.

Get Some Snacks!

Finally, round off your experience with some snacks – especially popcorn! I suggest actually popping corn in a pan with the lid on. Okay, this isn’t one of my coolest food hacks, but it’s definitely something you can do to create the cinema experience. This gives you that nice warm popcorn you get at the cinema, and you can flavour it to your tastes too.

Once everything is set up you’ll have a mini movie theatre in your living room! Now, enjoy movie nights with the family, without having to overpay for tickets or popcorn.



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