Afford That House Conversion, Now!

Your house could look like this if only you had the funds to invest (image:

With Christmas having just been, it is difficult to say how much money is left in your bank account, if any. Logging into your online banking in this period always gives you the chills, but with the house conversion you always dreamt of being a priority, you have no option but to face those scary digits.

Statistics show that the average American spends $700 during Christmas on holiday gifts alone. This means, combined, the American population spends more than $465 billion during the festive season. It is no wonder, as a result, that January and February are cold and harsh months for families in the country; there simply is little money left after all this spending. With the below tips, you will hopefully be able to afford the house conversion you have been dreaming of for a while.

Put it on the credit card 

Preapproved credit cards could help you finally afford converting your house into your dream pad. If you are unsure of what credit card companies out there would entitle you to, with these type of credit cards you could request a free credit report without this ruining your credit rating. That is why they are called preapproved. They are a great tool to know what kind of offering there is in the market and the way it works is that credit card companies will send different offers for you to choose from and see which form of credit you could be eligible for.

Sell your stuff on Ebay 

They say that a little bit goes a long way and this is exactly what could happen if you decided to sell some of your belongings on Ebay. Whilst you might have never thought you would end up auctioning your clutter, many people resort to selling on ebay to afford a project they haven’t got enough funds for. The platform charges a percentage for every item you manage to sell, but this is still a great way to earn some easy cash from the comfort of your living room.

Organise a raffle 

If you have a large network, organising a raffle is a way of asking people for money without begging for it. You could invest some of your own money in coming up with a great prize a lucky winner could bag. Once you have decided on the goods to offer the winning ticket, invite your family and friends over and sell each ticket for a set price. The more invitees you manage to gather, the bigger will be your returns. A great way of getting everyone together, raffles are also excellent solutions to the cash-strapped. You just have to make sure your winning prize is attractive enough.

The above steps could ensure you can finally afford your dreamed conversion. These might not bring you all the money in one go, but if you stay focused and set realistic targets, you will get there!

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