What are some tips when listing references on your resume in 2018?

There is really just one tip when it comes to listing references on your resume—don’t do it. Nor should you put references in your cover letter. This has been true for many years and remains so in 2018. Unfortunately, you may have heard otherwise from a friend who said something like, “My cousin did it and got the job,” or “The recruiting firms near me say to do it.”

Listing your references on your resume makes you appear amateurish and unprofessional. Here’s what you can do instead, according to accounting recruiters.

What are some tips when listing references on your resume in 2018

Supply references only when asked 

You may think a middle ground is to list, “References upon request” at the end of your resume or cover letter. Don’t do that either. The assumption is that you will be happy and able to supply references if asked to do so. Instead, use the limited space on your resume to list your credentials, using numbers and other provable data when possible to back up your accomplishments.

Use the separate space on the job application 

Many jobs ask you to fill out an application in addition to sending a cover letter and resume. These applications tend to have a space for references, so fill out the information requested only on the application.

Organize references neatly 

If the job posting asks for something like, “Submit resume, cover letter and references,” then start your reference list on a separate page from the other two documents. It is best to include multiple avenues of contact rather than just one. That means instead of simply listing a phone number for each reference, also list an email address and mailing address. Also list the reference’s job title and company.

Last but not least, ensure that each reference has given you permission to be used. It can be helpful when you contact the references to remind them of your accomplishments.

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