Pay5 Most Essential Dos to Write A Powerful Welcome Email

We receive lots of promotional emails on daily basis, but how many we open? Ok, if open, how many we read thoroughly? We read only those emails thoroughly which have some interesting and appealing content. So, if you are interested in email marketing, you must have to make the subject and content of your welcome email highly inviting by accompanying the powerful words with attractive and descriptive images.

Following are the 5 most essential Dos to write a powerful welcome email;

  • Short But Powerful Subject: Most of the welcome emails got rejection just due to having no attraction in the subject of email for the readers. There are two major things that must you keep in mind while making the subject line of your welcome email. One is keeping it short and the other is pointing out the most charming feature of your product in the subject line.
  • Easily Understandable Content: Don’t write a complex welcome email by adding the extensive technical details of your products or services. No one has time to spend several minutes into a new email. They only way to keep bound the readers into content of email is making it very simple just by highlighting most glorifying features of your product in shorter way.
  • Inclusion of Relevant Images: The best thing which can keep the readers engage in your email content is the inclusion of some relevant but interesting images along with description of every individual feature. Remember! The image quality must be very good and it will be more informative if you could describe the features of your product through line diagrams.
  • Introducing Key Persons of Staff: Introducing the key persons of your staff in your welcome email may look strange to some readers, but it is the fact that most of the people feel comfort in asking the details with the junior staff instead of making direct contact with the owners. So, you can introduce your trustworthy and competitive staff members to your potential buyers to make it convenient for them to contact with you.
  • Welcome Gift: The most effective strategy to get maximum response from the welcome email is introducing some cool offer to the readers of first email by providing them a discount coupon in the content of welcome email.

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