The Importance Of Protecting Your Home From The Elements

The Importance Of Protecting Your Home From The Elements


What is the reason you own a home for? Is it to provide loving experiences, shared by all your family members? Is it so you have a place to house all of your belongings? Is it so you have a place to lay your head at night, so you can comfortably sleep and begin the next day refreshed? Or, is it to protect yourself as a shelter from the elements outside?

Of course, it is likely all of these reasons in one, but there’s no denying that last part is the one with the most immediate priority. Our homes are often so beautiful and refined compared to the shelters crafted by humans in the far past that we forget their primary and sole purpose – to keep us safe from an unpredictable outside world. Not only do the walls help keep us in, but they help keep everything else outside.

For that reason, protecting your home from the elements should be carefully considered, and not taken for granted. Of course, no amount of preparation can prepare your home for the unfortunate issues which took place in Florida and the Caribbean in recent weeks, but a little foresight can surely help some of the most commonly insidious and preventable issues from arising.

Here are some tips for the budding homeowner:


Water can enter your property in many different ways. From leaky taps to flooding, to appliances going haywire, sometimes we are dumped with a little more moisture than we’d like. Solving this can be an issue, especially when you don’t have the tools to best remove the issue. For this reason, it’s best to use a sump pump such as those found here, which installed under the foundations, can give you a perfect draining solution to solve the problems in a matter of minutes.

However, water damage doesn’t always enter the bottom or basement floors of your property. A leaky roof or a poorly insulated window can both contribute to letting the rain in, especially when it’s falling with some intensity. It’s important to be wise about the solution you use here. Applying better and more insulated roofing felt in the property, as well as using silicon applications to overcome any insulation issues is sometimes the best place to start. 


Damp can arise similarly. Cold air outside can lead to excess moisture inside, and if this doesn’t have any way to escape the heat simply piles upon your walls, window fixtures and potentially electrical implements as moist mould. This can grow over time and lead to spores which can, in their worst estimation, make you very sick. Damp prevention is usually easy, but it will require a stern eye, good ventilation, and a solid understanding of the fault points that are most likely to carry its symptoms around your home. This is more a reaction to an outside element than one inside, but the validity of preparing for it is no less important.

With these simple tips, you are sure to have a leg up in repairing the potential damage of your home, and preserving its value and safety.



12 Awesome Pinatas for Your Next Party

As I work to plan this weekend’s birthday party for my two sons, my mind is on pinatas. I remember this being a huge part of childhood birthday parties. We would be blindfolded, handed a stick or bat and someone spun us around. Once done being spun around, we had to then use this baseball bat to try to whack the pinata to let loose all of that candy.

While this is a wonderful childhood memory, most pinatas were homemade whereas today you can hop online to purchase one that’s already made. And spinning to hit with a baseball bat? Say no more, there are now packages of gear for you to use that includes a blindfold and stick to hit the pinata. Having a party for younger kids? No problem, there’s even pull-string pinatas now. The options are endless, I hope you enjoy these pinatas I hand picked from Amazon to share with you.

12 Awesome Pinatas for Your Next Party

12 Awesome Pinatas for your Next Party

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5 Ways to Support Those Closest to You

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Providing support to those closest to you is an integral part of being a good friend or family member. Any kind of relationship should be a two-way street, so you want the support that you give to be reciprocated. In this post, we will look at five ways that you can provide support to the people closest to you both emotionally and practically.

Be Available to Listen and Offer Advice 

Sometimes, simply the act of listening to someone can make a world of difference to their emotional wellbeing. So, by making yourself available, you have already taken a big step in supporting those closest to you. Sometimes, you may want to go one step further and provide advice relating to the specific situation and circumstances. But remember, when you are providing advice you should try to make it as uncritical and unbiased as you can – though sometimes this may prove to be difficult if you are emotionally involved.

Offer Practical Support

Some situations will call for practical support rather as well as emotional support. It may be something as simple as running a few errands to take a bit of stress away from the person so they are free to focus on bigger issues. There also may be other things that you can arrange such as insurance details – take a look at for some more information if you are in need of it. Helping out in any practical way you can make the world of difference to those closest to you.

Support the Decision-Making Process 

Depending on what situation your loved one is in, the decisions that they take could have a big impact on their life. So, you can provide support with the actual decision-making process, talking through the different options with them and what the possible consequences may be. It often helps to have another perspective on a problem and this is exactly what you can provide.

Show Love and Affection

On some occasions, it is just love and affection that the other person is looking for rather than advice or practical support, but this is not less important than the other two things that we have spoken about. In difficult situations, it is often enough to know that someone cares about you and is on your side.

Be a Person Who They Want to Turn to 

Once you have shown yourself to be a supportive presence in their life, your loved one is much more likely to come back to you. Simply knowing that you have a person to turn to in difficult situations can be a huge relief, and you are much more likely to establish a relationship that allows you to go to them when you are in trouble.

Providing support for those closest to you is a central pillar of any relationship, and these five methods can help you to give the support that your loved one is looking for.

3 Bulk Purchases Necessary For Any Family Holiday

When you travel as a family, there’s always a lot of luggage involved. There are so many supplies for you and the kids, it can feel like you have to start your packing at least a month before your departure date. As a result, the idea of bulk numbers of items probably isn’t welcome.

Nevertheless, there are a few items it’s worth having a plentiful supply of. Make room for multiples of these three key holiday items in your suitcase, and your next family holiday will be the better for it.

  1. Sunscreen

Sunscreen is a must for any holiday; in fact, it’s pretty much a must all year round. While you can buy sunscreen abroad, it might not be of the quality that you would usually expect.

It therefore makes sense, if you find a brand that you’re happy with, to stock up on it before you go. One bottle per person per week of the holiday should be sufficient, but it makes sense to add a couple of spares in just in case. It’s also best to buy sunscreen that has to be applied by hand rather than sprayed; studies are showing that spray sunscreen might not provide a thick enough layer to actually provide any protection.

  1. Swimming Caps

When you’re on holiday, regular dips in and out of the pool are essential — for the whole family. The pool is a source of fun for kids, as well as being the perfect way to cool down for everyone.

However, constantly being exposed to endless amounts of chlorine can be cause difficulties, especially for the sensitive skin on children’s scalps. A swimming cap is therefore a necessity, but there’s a problem: kids can lose things. Most parents will be familiar with their children using an item once, putting it down, and then forgetting where they put it.

A good stock of swimming caps brought prior to your flight is therefore essential. Though you can buy while you’re away, the quality might be questionable. This is definitely not something you want to risk, so to guarantee you’re buying good products, buy before you leave. If you struggle to find suppliers with enough stock for the whole family, there’s plenty of tips on that right here, so you can be sure there’s always enough to go around. It pays to be prepared!

  1. Band-Aids

A lot of the activities that kids tend to want to do on holiday require a high amount of physical activity. Whether it’s bouncing on the trampolines in your resort or going banana-boating out at sea, the potential for nicks and scrapes is obvious. So you can patch them up in double-quick time, take along a wide selection of Band-Aids and sticking plasters. With any wounds immediately taken care of, they can get back to doing what they should be doing — having fun!

Bulk buying for a holiday may sound like an odd concept, but as the above show, sometimes there really is strength in numbers.

Your Child’s College Experience Will Change Your Whole Life

Sending a kid off to college is a huge change for the family. Not only will it be a formative time for the kids, but it can be a formative time for parents, as well. You’re making the transition from the parent of a kid to the parent of an adult. The change itself can have big ripple effects through the family and it’s best to know what they might be. Here’s how you, your kid, and the whole family can get through the college experience and come out stronger on the other side.

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Acclimating and helping them acclimate

The parting itself can be a big event in both the lives of the parents and the kids. Prepare to cry is one piece of advice. Don’t listen to “Cat’s in the Cradle’ after you send them off, either. But really, you should spend the time leading up to their move not only helping them set-up a timetable for moving and getting set-up before classes begin. You should talk to them about the different challenges they’re going to face when they go. Financial responsibility, peer pressure, and how to be self-reliable are all challenges they’re going to face. Spend the time in the lead-up having real conversations about both the practical and the emotional.

Footing the bill

Be prepared for the real financial challenges you’re going to face, too. Hopefully, you have some savings that you can use to help pay for college. But it’s well known that 60% of parents get into debt helping to fund college. It might be paying for essential costs or helping them out of whatever bind they’ve got themselves into. You’re going to help your children when they need it but you have to make sure it doesn’t ripple back on you too hard. Have a debt management strategy at the ready by budgeting cuts in your expenses and using sites like to make repayments much easier on you. At some point, of course, you are going to take off the training wheels. Not only can you not afford to clean up every mistake, but it won’t help your kids if you do.

Sitting in the backseat

So, how do you be a good college parent, one that’s not too hands-on, but also not gone? As suggests, it’s about finding balance. You should always be there to listen and be willing to understand any problem they have. But you should offer advice first and foremost, rather than swooping in to provide the solution. At the same time, you should be a safe haven for them. When they come back home, for instance, make sure their room is more-or-less in the way they left it. They might be going into adulthood, but some of that childhood comfort can be just the place for de-stressing when they need it.

There are going to be tears, there are going to be financial issues, and there are going to be times you want to swoop in and protect your kids from the realities of the world. But hopefully the tips above help you find a modicum of peace and the strength to see it through and be a healthier family for it.



Furnishing Your First Home On A Tight Budget

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 Most people moving into their first home can get so caught up budgeting for deposits and moving fees that they forget about the cost of furnishing their new place. Whilst mattresses, sofas and white goods are likely to be the only expensive items, there can be a long list of other items to consider which can all add up. Fortunately, there are many ways to save costs for those that are tight for cash. Here are some methods to consider.

Hit the sales 

Sales in large retail outlets can often be a good place to find a deal. The biggest sales to shop for discounts are the January Sales and Black Friday. There will be other seasonal sales throughout the year – many retail outlets will practically have a permanent sale on. It’s worth always shopping around as some discounts may not always be as great as they may seem. For example, some retail outlets may deliberately overprice items to begin with so that they can bring them down to an average price later on, making it look like a fantastic deal due to the huge discount.

Opt second-hand 

You can save a lot by shopping second-hand. This may include websites such as local second-hand sites like Gumtree. However, it could also include jumble stores and garage sales. If you’re shopping online, look for honest sellers that supply photographs and have good reviews. Try to meet up in person so that you can inspect the item’s condition for yourself. Avoid some second-hand items such as mattresses – such items may contain bacteria from the previous owner.

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Collect coupons 

Couponing is a great way to save money on all kinds of purchases. By collecting coupons to various home furnishing stores, you may able to save a lot of money. Groupon is one of the most popular coupon sites and is great for seeking out vouchers and promo codes. You may also be able to find coupons in magazines and newspapers.

Try bidding sites 

Many people that want their items sold as soon as possible will take them to auction. These auctions, especially online ones, can be great places to pick up deals. Bidding sites such as Dealdash allow you to bid on items you want within a set time limit. Of course, you should aim to bid carefully and always go into a bid with a maximum price you’re willing to pay.

Ask friends and family 

Friends and family may have furniture sitting in a loft or garage that may have been inherited. They may be able to sell this to you cheaply or even offer it to you for free. It’s worth always asking if people have any furniture that they’re eager to shift. Even if it’s not to your taste, it could make a good temporary option whilst you save up for something more to your liking.


Preparing For Life As A Traveling Family

Preparing For Life As A Travelling Family


If you have something of a love for travel, you might be curious as to how you can make that more of your way of life. Often when people start to settle down with their families, they begin thinking that they cannot move around all that much. But such limited ways of thinking are not often the way to go, and as it turns out it is often easier than you might think to make such dreams a reality. The truth is, with a little change in perspective and some basic alterations to daily life, you too can be a family on the move. Let’s take a look at how you might expect to be able to achieve that.

Home Options

The first thing you might want to consider doing is to take a look at your home, and see if there is anything you can do to make it more suitable to your desired way of life. If you really want to be a little more fluid in your daily life, then you might need to rethink the way you live. Maybe you will have to completely get rid of the idea of having a stable and solid home. Many families move from place to place, and it is relatively simple to do if you are not too tied down. That is basically what this is all about – not being too tied down. You might want to think about getting a mobile home from Texas Built Mobile Homes, for example – that way, you can go pretty much anywhere you want. Or you might just not have a single home at all, and move from one temporary accommodation to another whenever you like. This is even freer, but doesn’t have the advantage of providing you with somewhere you can feel comfortably at home in.

Think About Transport

Something that might cause you to limit how much you move around is the transport. Whenever you go from place to place, you will have to think about this – and you might be surprised at how much it will cost you in the long run. This is partly why you might decide to go for something relatively stable, as it means you will be able to save a considerable amount of money. But if you do want to move around, you shouldn’t let this stop you – you will just have to make sure that you budget for any transport costs you might need to take on board. As long as you are planning for them, they shouldn’t cause any trouble.

Is Everyone On Board?

Lastly, remember that you need to be able to function as a family unit. If you can’t, you might need to think about doing something else instead. If not everyone is on board, then you will find that the whole way of life causes a lot of consternation between the members of your family. That’s the last thing you want, so be sure to ask everyone whether or not they are genuinely happy with the proposal. If they are, it could mark the beginning of the most exciting phase of your life to date.