Top Tips to Buy & Wear Men’s Jewelry

Gone are the days when jewelry used to be a women’s only accessory. These days, men’s jewelry has become increasingly popular as more and more men have started building a collection. This article will give you all the pertinent details about how to buy, wear, and style men’s jewelry to make a powerful fashion statement.

Men’s Jewelry

Your fashion sense may be on-point, but it is common for men to feel lost when it comes to successfully buying and wearing male jewelry. Even the best outfit will fail if you do not accessorize it well with the right pieces of jewelry. But don’t worry because we are here to help you out.

First things first, when buying jewelry for him, you need to understand that it is not as long as that of women. It is worn to accessorize the attire and to add an additional element to your outfits. In this guide, we aim to provide you with the best options to buy and style your jewelry in a minimalistic, yet fashionable way.

That being said, let us discuss the common accessories or pieces of jewelry for men and how to wear them.


This is one of the easiest to pick. Watches are not only the most common but also the most preferred accessory. They are practical, stylish, sophisticated, and incredibly masculine. If you have heard that a man is judged by his shoes, you can apply the same to his watches as well. While you don’t necessarily need to spend heavily on a watch, you can put some thought into choosing the one that will tie your outfit together.

Luckily for you, watches are available on all price points. Therefore, experts recommend that you can either buy a few inexpensive styles to build a collection or an expensive one with a timeless quality. Remember to keep it minimal so that it can complement all kinds of outfits.


Necklace sounds like something a woman would wear. However, it can become a man’s accessory if you keep it mild and alter the style a little. Men wear long, chain-like necklaces that look more masculine. You can pick chains with different thicknesses and lengths. Stylists suggest that when choosing your jewelry, the best advice is to keep it plain and minimal.

You can pair it with your T-shirt to give your plain outfit a dash of bling. You can also add chunky pendants to make a fashion statement. In fact, these necklaces create a layered look that is really chic these days. Some men even like to wear gold necklaces, with or without a pendant. You can check a wide range of gold chains for men at Frost NYC and other such online stores that will show you what’s in vogue!


Bracelets can make or break an outfit. Therefore, it is important to carefully choose the one that suits your personality as well as the appearance. Bracelets are a fairly masculine accessory, as far as you know which one to choose. Avoid buying anything too overwhelming or flashy and stick with bracelets that are stylish but minimal.

Fashion stylists urge men to pick bracelets that are the same color as your watch, regardless of whether you wear them on the same arm or not. It is, in fact, a rule of thumb to avoid pairing contrasting colors in accessories. Match the color of your jewelry with your watch to create a unified ensemble and look. Mixing too many colors may look complicated and even an eyesore.


Rings are the most preferred form of jewelry in men. Most men buy rings for their collection that represent their personal style and fashion statement. You can wear any number of rings as far as you can carry it with grace. Some men like to keep it uncomplicated with one wedding band or a minimal ring. If you trying to accessorize your outfit with rings for the first time, then it is advisable to wear only one ring per hand. However, remember to pick the right colors, the same way you did for your bracelets. Too many different styles and colors can only obscure your outfit.

Since rings are a matter of personal choice, it may take a while to choose the right one. People who are habitual of wearing rings on a daily basis will agree that not wearing them on can make you feel weird. It doesn’t matter what metal you ultimately choose. The trick is to create a cohesive look by not going over-the-top with too many colors and styles.


It has become incredibly popular amongst men to wear earrings as a fashion statement. There is a wide range of styles available from dangling earrings to studs, giving guys more options to choose from. If you want to jump on to this bandwagon, then the rule is simple, avoid the urge to overdo it. There are many cool and plain studs these days that are minimal, yet effective, in setting a fashion statement. You can pick your first earrings from the studio that pierced your ears. They usually offer you the finest quality that will eliminate any dangers of infection.

Apart from buying earrings, you also need to determine where and when you intend to wear them. If you work in a corporate office 9-5, then it is best to avoid earrings altogether. However, if you really must, then consider wearing a small stud that demands little attention but still gets the job done.

Tips to Wear Men’s Jewelry

  1. Make sure that your watch matches your outfit and personal style statement. If you are dressing up in a business suit, then avoid wearing a casual watch.
  2. The best and the only way to wear a necklace is to keep it simple and graceful. You should pair it with a white T-shirt or any other plain T-shirt to create a minimal look, that too with some style.
  3. If you are planning to buy a bracelet, keep the colors straightforward. Additionally, it should match the color of your watch. Avoid wearing too many colors that can take the attention off your fashionable outfit. Your jewelry should complement the attire, not take the attention off it.
  4. Rings are a matter of personal choice and style. Remember to buy the ones that are of the highest quality and do not leave ugly marks behind when you take them off.
  5. You should first evaluate your lifestyle before buying earrings. If you spend most of your time in a professional environment, then perhaps you should give this one a miss! However, if you want to stay updated with the current fashion, then choose minimalistic styles. You can also wear dangling earrings if you are trying to emulate the street style fashion.

By now you would know that buying men’s jewelry is really not as complex as one would think. In fact, by keeping all these simple tips in mind, it becomes incredibly easy to choose the right one for your collection or daily use. Experts suggest that the best way to style a man’s jewelry is to avoid going too far with the colors and styles. As far as your look is simple and uncomplicated, it will all fit in well. Additionally, you should also avoid following the trends blindly. Best style statements are the ones that combine personal preferences with ongoing trends to create a look that is both chic and comfortable.


Horoscopes and More – Old Traditions and New Beliefs

In an increasingly materialistic world, the modern human being is grappling with many conflicts that traditional dogma is not able to address. This has lead to a birth of new movements and spiritual thoughts and practices – designed to address the ever-dynamic scenarios of the information age.

New age spirituality can be defined as a blend of old core beliefs and modern outlooks. It has found form in many ways. It borrows from tradition but wears a new face and rituals once forgotten are making a comeback. Many theories abound when it comes to defining new age spirituality. One thing that has been established is that it is not confined to single sets of rules and is very open in nature.

You may be surprised to know that horoscopes and tarot reading are making a comeback amongst millennials. As the search for peace of mind continues, people are finding solace in astrology and related practices, and for good reason. A deeper analysis like sheds more light on this growing wave of acceptance.

Benefits of Astrology and Horoscopes

Although dismissed by many as superstition and psychological manipulation, a large section of the educated millennial demographic is seeing the benefits of horoscopes and other astrology related topics.

Firstly, astrology as a concept abandons fatalism – even though a lot is attributed to the stars and the planets aligning the eventual power still rests with an individual. Astrology reminds people that they are in control of their lives. When you go for a horoscope reading, you are shown a different perspective but not etched in stone.

Astrology gives people the feedback they sometimes need about their life direction and it arms them with the optimism and knowledge that information can be used to improve things rather than just accept things. This principle of astrology is what attracts the modern practitioner and it is different from a lot of traditional religions which serve the future as a defined path that cannot be changed.

Horoscopes are very personal in nature. They tell you about who you are rather than what you should be doing to fit into the larger picture. They address your intimate desires and fears. In many ways, a horoscope is a customized form of spirituality – it is visceral and deals at the individual level. It is not farfetched to consider that a detailed horoscope analysis can help you understand yourself better and find the path to emotional and spiritual improvement or maturity.

Horoscopes and astrology have been around since the dawn of civilization – ancient Babylonian records reveal some of the earliest astrology related texts. From kings to traders, astrology was a guiding principle in many ways. Today, of course, your horoscope may not dictate a grand narrative such as war or a trade agreement. Instead, horoscopes help you gain clarity on many important aspects of life.

The Relevance of Horoscopes in Modern Life

Horoscopes not only cover your path in life but they also address the dynamics that you share with the people around you. They can reveal how you can improve your relationships with family, peers, and colleagues and how to stay away from conflict. ‘Predicting the future’ – that is a rather crude way of describing horoscopes, although we have probably been guilty of thinking that way.

Horoscopes describe the future by laying down possibilities – they do not diminish your individual choice making. They are indicators of what lies ahead and are a way for you to prepare so you can take the positives and deal with the negatives.

Horoscopes are a good indicator of how suited you are with someone else in a romantic relationship. Western audiences may not be familiar with this aspect of astrology but in countries like India, horoscopes are very important when deciding relationships and marriages. Horoscopes measure compatibility, something that is very important in a relationship. They can also indicate personality traits.

Astrology can also be a great morale booster. Daily horoscopes have their own benefits. They can provide a sense of vigor and rejuvenate you with enthusiasm by highlighting the reasons to be optimistic.

Embracing Lifestyles with an Open Mind

When it comes to horoscopes and other forms of divinity, the key to understanding them is by having an open mind. New age spirituality is focused on healing and emotional progression. This is a reason why it is recommended that you embrace the best of all lifestyles and also acknowledge the choices that other people make. By rooting out discord and a bias towards a particular belief, you create a harmonious balance. With peace at the core, you will be able to live your life and pursue your dreams and ambitions in a content manner.

What to Put into Consideration When Choosing a Motorcycle Jacket

When it comes to motorcycle gear, two things come out as the most important of all – the helmet and the jacket. Motorcycle jackets not only improve your outward appearance, but they also offer protection from the strong wind and even scratches or injuries in case of an accident. But this is not the only reason why motorcycle jackets are important.

An ideal biker would be incomplete without a jacket no matter how stunning his/her motorcycle is. Hence, it becomes a necessity in which you cannot do without as a biker. The bigger challenge comes in choosing the ideal jacket for yourself. Going for trending styles or colors will not only result in poor decision-making but could also be the onset of your regrets over acquiring an unsuitable jacket.

Read through to get an insight of what to consider when choosing the right jacket for you. See motorcycle apparel to help you select suitable motorcycle gear and accessories.

How to select the ideal jacket

Despite challenges posed by trends, style, and even money, there are many options for motorcycle jackets to choose from. Only the challenges may be the limiting factor and so, finding the right jacket for yourself while weighing other factors can be a huge task to undertake.

Here are some things to look into when selecting your riding jacket.

  • A jacket that offers safety – As a biker, you may often get tempted to ride at high speeds. Also, going on a ride and especially long-distance rides, you require something that offers maximum protection. Select a jacket that will provide you with a safety effect.
  • Go for comfort – Having a jacket that is oversized or too tight will result in you not enjoying your riding experience. Even more so, does your jacket suffocate you? These are questions you need to ask yourself before investing in this gear. Comfort also means that you select a riding jacket that is suitable for each season. Look into all season motorcycle jackets and invest in the right jacket for enhanced comfort.
  • Of course, keep up with the trends – Even if colors and styles are the last factors you’d have to consider, they are important too. There are trendy riding jackets that are fit and comfortable. You don’t have to look basic with a simple riding jacket. Try leather jackets, textile jackets or even jackets that are based on gender preference. After all, looking good is part of feeling confident about your riding experience.

Check out Alphinestars riding jackets for trendy, fashionable and comfortable jackets

All in all, your riding experience needs to be enjoyable. Having the right and comfortable gear is necessary so as to achieve maximum bliss when riding. Also, it is important to learn how to take care of your gear, especially your riding jacket to ensure that it remains clean and pristine.

File for Your LLC with a Trusted Source: IRS EIN Filing Service

When it comes to owning a business and the requirements needed for various entities, it can become very complex. IRS EIN Filing Service is here to take the stress out of filing for your LLC and EIN. The website provides a lot of information that new and established business owners are looking for when planning a company. In addition to the expert information you can find, the website offers simplified forms to trust tax id number and file for an LLC.

What to Know Before Filing

When you need to file for an LLC or EIN for a new business, online resources offer the quickest solution. IRS EIN Tax ID Filing Service requires only three simple steps to apply for an EIN on their website. You will first choose what type of entity you are applying for a number, fill out the required paperwork, and then submit the application via the IRS EIN secure website. Their application center is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They never shut down, unlike the IRS site that does.

Once this application process is complete, you can expect to receive your tax ID number within one hour of filling out the necessary paperwork and sending it in via your email address. Your number is ready to use in most cases as soon as it arrives.

Secure, Simple and Quick

When the time arrives and you need an EIN or LLC, you can trust in the secure services provided by IRS EIN Filing Service. Their simplified EIN forms and helpful information ensures that you will be ready to operate your business on time.

Working with the experienced and friendly Gov’t Assist agents at the IRS EIN website takes the stress and headache away of applying for a tax ID number.

How to Teach your Kid to Tie Their Shoes

FYI – this post contains affiliate links. 

I admit that I have yet to figure out how to teach a kid to tie their shoes. My ex-husband was the one I let have that job. Even today, while my sons have been taught to tie their own shoelaces, they simply have zero interest in doing it.

It’s frustrating to have boys who are like, “no thanks” when it comes to tieing their shoelaces. I get it. It’s such hard work and it’s especially difficult for my middle who is on the autism spectrum, his fine motor skills aren’t that great.

As my sons got older, the velcro shoe options were a removed point. The larger your kid gets, the less chance of finding a velcro style shoe for them. Today I figured I’d share some tips on how to teach your kid to tie their shoes and an option to avoid shoe tying altogether.

How to Teach Your Kid to Tie Their Shoes

How to Teach Your Kid to Tie Their Shoes

[clickToTweet tweet=”Just a few little tips on how to get your kids to tie their own shoes and a hack to get around this whole shoelace tying deal. #parenting #parents #momlife #parentinfluence” quote=”Just a few little tips on how to get your kids to tie their own shoes and a hack to get around this whole shoelace tying deal. #parenting #parents #momlife #parentinfluence”]

Bunny Ears

There is this bunny ears, loop swoop and something trick that I recall from my childhood. I have no idea how it works and it seems too confusing for this Mama but hey, click here and you’ll see a video on loop, swoop and pull with bunny ear shoelaces.

Loopy Loop

I personally just like to show the kids how to tie their shoes in a logical fashion. Here is your shoelace, look you make a loop, you swing this lace through and that lace through. Done. Maybe this is why I opted to go with the below option when it comes to teaching kids how to tie their shoes?!

Just Buy Hickies

Let’s get straight to the point, I much prefer removing shoelaces from our life. You see, I am all set on continuously showing my sons how to tie their shoes. Their Dad taught them and they simply have no interest or they forget. I have no idea what the deal is, but these options for shoelace-less shoes? Hickies Inc. Make me happy.

About Hickies

Never tie your sneakers again

 Snug, secure fit for an active lifestyle.

Made from a Memory-fit elastomer that reacts to the movement of your foot

Customize your kids’ shoes with Hickies Inc. lacing system. Unlike laces they stretch to slip your feet in so you can trot off in a hurry.

Stop tying sneakers forever. Replace the lace with HICKIES lacing system and slip on your shoes without the need of having to teach kids to tie their shoes.

Never waste another moment tying, fusing, or fumbling over your instructions to teach your kids to tie their shoes. Switching to HICKIES lacing system you will never bother tying your shoes again.

5 Life Hacks for Your Tiny Kitchen

Do you have a small kitchen? No problem! Finding space to utilize in a tiny kitchen can be pretty difficult to achieve but it isn’t as hard as it may seem. Here are 5 life hacks for your tiny kitchen.

5 Life Hacks for Your Tiny Kitchen

5 Life Hacks for Your Tiny Kitchen

Use fridge space to your advantage

When there’s so little space to utilize, sometimes the thing you don’t think to use for extra room is your fridge. With some simple magnets and desk organizers or containers, you can make all kinds of custom hangers to attach to your fridge. These can hold spices, cook books, recipe pages, and tons more. If you’re crafty, there are even more possibilities for DIY magnet holders in your kitchen.

DIYs are lifesavers

You have all kinds of materials in your home or at the local dollar store that can be used to your advantage in this situation. Whether putting up shelves, making organizers from desk items, using different containers for spices or foods, or some of the many other options; you can get a lot of extra space in the kitchen. Some people get even craftier and customize drawers to have cutting boards inside of them or a trash bin.

Be organized

Organization can make a bigger difference than you may think. A cluttered kitchen gets hard to find things and even worse, there’s less room! Always be sure to keep your cabinets, spices, recipes, and even your fridge/freezer nice and organized. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just making sure you think of conserving space when doing things or putting items away can make a difference in organization too.

Cabinets can be very versatile

Little do you know, the cabinets in your kitchen have far more uses than the common eye may assume. The inside of your cabinet doors can have white boards, chalk boards, small magazine organizers, or hanging places for your cooking utensils. It all depends on what you need most. Not only are the insides useful in cabinets. The ends of cabinets can be helpful for you as well. Shelving or hanging space is best there. There can be utensils, spice racks, or pot hangers on the ends of cabinets.

Sometimes less is more

Although most people tend to collect many items in the kitchen-usually including doubles of the same size pans/pots or the same cooking utensils-having all those extra items sometimes isn’t helpful one bit. The occasional extra of the same spatula or pot size that you tend to use more frequently can be useful. However, try to limit having too many items in your kitchen.

There you have it, 5 tips and life hacks that are going to save you a lot of time, money, and stress in your small kitchen. Good luck along your way!

8 Ways to Use Bar Soap

Growing up you probably only thought about bar soap when it came to taking your daily shower or bath. You see bar soap is known mostly for its purpose to cleanse your body of the dirt and sweat accumulated throughout your day to day living. While bar soap is the perfect way to clean your body in the shower or tub, there are other purposes for bar soap and I am sharing those ideas with you today.

8 Ways to Use Bar Soap

Keep Paint Projects Clean

Rub a little bit of bar soap around the edges of surfaces that you’re about to paint. The bar soap will make sure any overrun of paint will be easily cleaned up when you’re finished painting.

Keep Your Nails Clean

Having long nails can be a chore, but with a little bar soap applied over your nails before going out to garden or do some dirty work will help keep the dirt from accumulating as much over your nails.

Make Liquid Soap

There are quite a few online recipe ideas for making liquid soap out of bar soap, so look them up and make your own liquid soap if bar soap isn’t your thing.

Get Zippers Moving

All too often we end up with a stiff zipper on our coat or jeans, bar soap rubbed across any zipper will help free it up and move freely.

 Coat Campfire Pans

Cooking over an open flame will ultimately lead to soot all over your pans. Use bar soap around the bottom of your pans before cooking over a fire, it will make the soot easier to clean off afterward.

Rid Home of Pests

Put a small cube of bar soap in your dresser and closets to ward off moths. You may also mix some bar soap with water in a spray bottle to use on plants so bugs don’t attack them.

Use for Shaving

Lather up that bar soap and apply to your body before shaving, use bar soap instead of shaving cream to get a clean shave in next time you need to shave your legs or face.

DIY Body Scrub

Peel down bar soap into chunks and mix with salt to create your own body scrub mixture. This will help to exfoliate your skin better than bar soap alone.

Shop for Bar Soap (Affiliate Links below)

Bali Soap – Natural Bar Soap, 6 pc Set, 3.5 Oz each

Afford That House Conversion, Now!

Your house could look like this if only you had the funds to invest (image:

With Christmas having just been, it is difficult to say how much money is left in your bank account, if any. Logging into your online banking in this period always gives you the chills, but with the house conversion you always dreamt of being a priority, you have no option but to face those scary digits.

Statistics show that the average American spends $700 during Christmas on holiday gifts alone. This means, combined, the American population spends more than $465 billion during the festive season. It is no wonder, as a result, that January and February are cold and harsh months for families in the country; there simply is little money left after all this spending. With the below tips, you will hopefully be able to afford the house conversion you have been dreaming of for a while.

Put it on the credit card 

Preapproved credit cards could help you finally afford converting your house into your dream pad. If you are unsure of what credit card companies out there would entitle you to, with these type of credit cards you could request a free credit report without this ruining your credit rating. That is why they are called preapproved. They are a great tool to know what kind of offering there is in the market and the way it works is that credit card companies will send different offers for you to choose from and see which form of credit you could be eligible for.

Sell your stuff on Ebay 

They say that a little bit goes a long way and this is exactly what could happen if you decided to sell some of your belongings on Ebay. Whilst you might have never thought you would end up auctioning your clutter, many people resort to selling on ebay to afford a project they haven’t got enough funds for. The platform charges a percentage for every item you manage to sell, but this is still a great way to earn some easy cash from the comfort of your living room.

Organise a raffle 

If you have a large network, organising a raffle is a way of asking people for money without begging for it. You could invest some of your own money in coming up with a great prize a lucky winner could bag. Once you have decided on the goods to offer the winning ticket, invite your family and friends over and sell each ticket for a set price. The more invitees you manage to gather, the bigger will be your returns. A great way of getting everyone together, raffles are also excellent solutions to the cash-strapped. You just have to make sure your winning prize is attractive enough.

The above steps could ensure you can finally afford your dreamed conversion. These might not bring you all the money in one go, but if you stay focused and set realistic targets, you will get there!