Pay5 Most Essential Dos to Write A Powerful Welcome Email

We receive lots of promotional emails on daily basis, but how many we open? Ok, if open, how many we read thoroughly? We read only those emails thoroughly which have some interesting and appealing content. So, if you are interested in email marketing, you must have to make the subject and content of your welcome email highly inviting by accompanying the powerful words with attractive and descriptive images.

Following are the 5 most essential Dos to write a powerful welcome email;

  • Short But Powerful Subject: Most of the welcome emails got rejection just due to having no attraction in the subject of email for the readers. There are two major things that must you keep in mind while making the subject line of your welcome email. One is keeping it short and the other is pointing out the most charming feature of your product in the subject line.
  • Easily Understandable Content: Don’t write a complex welcome email by adding the extensive technical details of your products or services. No one has time to spend several minutes into a new email. They only way to keep bound the readers into content of email is making it very simple just by highlighting most glorifying features of your product in shorter way.
  • Inclusion of Relevant Images: The best thing which can keep the readers engage in your email content is the inclusion of some relevant but interesting images along with description of every individual feature. Remember! The image quality must be very good and it will be more informative if you could describe the features of your product through line diagrams.
  • Introducing Key Persons of Staff: Introducing the key persons of your staff in your welcome email may look strange to some readers, but it is the fact that most of the people feel comfort in asking the details with the junior staff instead of making direct contact with the owners. So, you can introduce your trustworthy and competitive staff members to your potential buyers to make it convenient for them to contact with you.
  • Welcome Gift: The most effective strategy to get maximum response from the welcome email is introducing some cool offer to the readers of first email by providing them a discount coupon in the content of welcome email.

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It’s April Vacation Here and This is How I’m Balancing

How does a work at home mom who has many hats survive April vacation week? Ask me in about four days.

No, seriously though, this isn’t my first school break week trying to figure out how to juggle the trio while working the multiple tasks I do from home. If you’re a work at home parent like me who needs to keep that work flowing even during school break, here are some ways I have learned to juggle the parent vs work at home life when school is out.

Tips to Juggle School Break and Work at Home

Tips to Juggle School Break and Work at Home

Remain Calm

The first tip I can give any parent who’s trying to get their client work done or blog writing completed with kids running around in the background is to remain calm. One day your kids will be grown up, out of the house and living their own life. Do not take one moment for granted and don’t let the busyness of work keep you from enjoying this happy chaos. Breath before speaking if you’re trying to get work done and the kids are simply loud as loud can be. At this moment, once you’ve remained calm, you may speak up in a kind voice to let the kids know they can be loud in a little while but you have work to do so could they either go outside or just be a bit quieter for a bit longer.

Set Expectations

I totally bombed it this April vacation and didn’t do what I usually do in the summer break season – set up a poster board with a timeline of the day. I usually set expectations for my younger two kids because one is on the autism spectrum so he does well with a visual list of times for his day to day tasks. Since I didn’t prepare, I am winging it but with expectations verbally told. I let the kids know if they give me the morning to do my work that in the late afternoon they will have me to interact with and enjoy life. Let your kids know that you expect them to have certain boundaries respected while you’re getting work done and express those in a calm, respectful manner.

Enjoy Little Moments

The trio and I have a really great relationship, while things were rocky for a bit due to a situation here, the bond is growing back like it was before all of that bad stuff happened. Currently, the trio and I are back to having a mutual respect and trust for each other. The trio knows that when I say this will happen, it will happen which wasn’t the case for the past couple of years. I remind myself to take a break come afternoon to go for a walk, sit and interact with the trio as they enjoy a YouTube video, show or game of their own. I listen to them and laugh with them. These little moments actually make it easier for me to work around their vacation days.

Be Realistic

Lastly, I have learned to be realistic with what I can accomplish during April vacation or even summer break. I have learned where my limits are, what hours of the day are best for me to get work done without the youngest needing some Mama attention and so forth. When I start setting realistic expectations my stress levels reduce and I’m able to successfully juggle both work and parenthood. The only way I could start being realistic was to stop thinking that I had to do it all and do it all in the same day. I learned that I have limits and need limits to remain happy and healthy.

Juggling your kids during any school vacation while working at home isn’t easy. As your kids get older, the juggling may be easier but not always. My kids are age 9 and up yet still that little man needs his Mama’s attention sometimes more than he did when he was a toddler. Remember that while you’re busy making a successful business online, your kids are growing up. Be certain that you maintain a proper balance between parenthood and work so that your kids don’t grow up feeling as if you put making money before them. There will always be time to make money, especially when you work from home but this moment with your kiddos won’t be around forever.

Cheers to your success and ability to remain calm, set expectations while being realistic and enjoying those little moments of childhood while they last.


Why Choose to Work at Home?

When I first became a mother, working from home really wasn’t anything I had heard of before. It was the year 2002 when I first became a mother and after a breakup, I had to figure out how to support a daughter without a job. You see, the plan was I would be a stay at home mom but that didn’t pan out. I found myself single, living in a subsidized housing unit and on state assistance. The only option I could think of in early 2003, was to get a job!

Ultimately I got a job and my daughter had some wonderful babysitters. Life was decent, I could eventually move out of that unit into a real apartment within one year and I felt great. Life was pretty easy with one child. Then it happened, pregnant with a second child and sick quite often I had to figure out what to do. I wanted a way to work because I truly enjoy making money, but I also needed to think about how sick I was with pregnancy nausea. Finding that I was unable to be a reliable worker, I gave notice to leave my awesome office job and stay home. At this point I had heard of working at home, it was the year 2006.

Many parents will tell me in passing that they wish they could work from home too. I always tell them that they can and sometimes I guide people in that direction through consultations. Overall I simply write blog posts to help parents make the best decision for their household. If you are thinking about working at home, there are some reasons why you may make that decision.

Why Work at Home?

Why Choose to Work at Home?

  • Set your Own Hours – as a new parent it’s difficult to maintain a schedule outside of the home, as I stated I was sick with my second pregnancy which made me call out of work often or be late. I didn’t feel reliable and in turn I needed to find a different option to make money. Working at home means you can work from the laptop in bed sick, at your office desk in your pajamas with a baby in your arms. You can work when your baby or child is sleeping and once you have established clients, you can easily make cash around taking care of your child.
  • Never Miss a Milestone – as a work at home parent you won’t miss that first word, that first step or even that first run. You are able to manage being a parent and helping to financially support the household. I firmly believe working at home is what helped me keep a deeper bond with my children, for I was always there when they needed to talk. I wasn’t exhausted from a long work day, rushing home to get that end of night routine done. It felt right for my household to work from home.
  • You have an Entrepreneurial Spirit – you have always wanted to have a business, perhaps you have always dreamed of running a family owned business. When you work at home you can easily become a success story. It’s easy to work at home when you have that entrepreneurial spirit because you will be passionate about this and naturally find a way to make money to support the household. While you may not need to have an entrepreneurial spirit, it helps to keep you motivated and passionate about working at home.
  • You Parent Your Child(ren) – when you make the decision to work at home there is less of a chance that you will have children influenced by outsiders. Often times parents get frustrated with the examples and morals taught to them simply by having the children in a daycare scenario. When you work at home, you get the be the main example to your children for a longer period of time than if you worked outside of the home and sent your children to a babysitter.

Working at home is a big decision and you shouldn’t go into it lightly. In all honesty it will take a lot of hard work to establish your online brand, presence and reputation. Some will go into working at home and immediately gain tons of clients while others have to work a bit harder at it. There’s no telling how successful you will be or not be, but if you truly want to work at home then you will find a way and be successful doing it!