What To Teach Your Kids About Money

teach kids about money

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There comes a time in each child’s life when they start to want to buy their own things themselves. This might be through the money they have earnt in a part-time job or from their pocket money. You should use this time to teach your children about money. They need to know when to spend and when to save and the importance of using money smartly. With that in mind, here is what you should teach your kids about money.

Teach Them About Spending

You should also teach your children about spending. They need to understand that money is a limited resource and that once it is gone, it is gone. This can be taught having a money pouch on a day out with your child, and as you buy things throughout the day, this will steadily run out of money. At the end of the day, when all the money is gone they can see that there is no more money even if they want to buy more things. Obviously, this is simplified for a very young child and won’t be appropriate for teenagers.

Children need to learn that eventually, they will need to be able to manage their own finances. A good way of teaching this is through setting a set allowance or pocket money and sticking to that figure. If they spend it all, then it is all gone. They need to learn the consequences of their actions and understand that the bank of Mom and Dad won’t always be there to catch them. If they don’t have money, then they might need to do things like take out a small loan if they desperately need money and you don’t necessarily want this to be the case when they grow up.

Teach Them About Saving

You should teach your children the value of saving money as early as possible. The sooner they understand the benefits of saving money for later, the better it will serve them through their lives. This will help them understand that they need to save money in order to purchase expensive items and that it is worth having some money set aside for times when they want it. A good example of this is if your child wants an expensive video games console, then encouraging them to save their pocket money and once they reach a certain amount you will also make a contribution will help them see the value in saving. Another example would be encouraging them to have a savings fund for when they go holiday so that they can enjoy more ice cream, activities and other treats. These are great ways to show your children how important saving can be and the rewards of doing so.

When they get older, this will also apply to understanding how savings accounts work. If they understand that interest means that their money will steadily grow without them needing to touch it and that the more they save, the more money they will have, then they are more likely to have good saving habits in the future. This will help them to save money for a house, education or anything else that they want to save money for. Teaching them that the sooner they start saving, the better is also worth doing.

Four Areas That Could Really Boost Your Year Right Now

New year can be a real anticlimax at times. So many of us put so much focus on making changes that often we can expect too many things of ourselves and we end up failing at the first hurdle. However, it can also be an ideal time to make some of the changes in regards to your foundation, which can then be built upon as the year goes on. We all have big aspirations. Perhaps to run a marathon. Go on holiday somewhere faraway or exoctic, or even just some focus on out self-care and financial goals. So how can you really use this time of year to give yourself a boost? I wanted to share with you four areas that you can do it. I hope it provides you with the inspiration to take on those new year’s resolutions and goals after all.

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Working on your current financial situation

Your finances could be a big problem for you right now, and this could be what is hindering you moving forward to take on some of the other aspects of your life. It can be quite daunting to approach your financial situation and make some changes, especially after the Christmas season. But taking control of things like debt where websites like repair.credit can offer advice, or even reduce your outgoings so you can free up some income to save for other things can really be inspiring to then give you the right foundation to take other parts of your life.

Taking some time to work on your mindset

Your mind is such a powerful tool, and so it can be the difference between taking action and not doing. So it is always worth taking some time for some care with yourself and working on your current mindset situation. Whether you are genuinely a positive person, or find yourself feeling like negative thoughts are creeping in, being proactive with your thought process and taking time for behaviours like gratitude and even meditation and exercise, can help you to improve your mind and general well being.

Embracing a lifestyle change

Maybe you set yourself a goal of a lifestyle change. Perhaps it was to take part in veganuary or cut out dairy or gluten from your diet. Maybe you made a promise to yourself to be more active. It can be hard when these goals can be big changes, so you may want to start off with smaller bite sized chunks to help you get back on track. This can help you stay motivated as you start to achieve things with a lore long term goal in mind. 

Taking action with your career or future plans 

Finally, now is the time it get some plans in place for the other changes you wanted to make, It might have been to do with your career, perhaps getting on the property ladder, or evn just ticking some of those things off your bucket list. Having a plan put in place helps you to make these goals a lot more real.

I hope that these four areas help give you a boost for your year ahead.

Saving Money with Kids: Is It Possible?

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If you have children, saving money can seem impossible. How are you supposed to save cash when you have extra mouths to feed and extra demands to meet? Well, while it may be difficult, it can be done. Read on to discover some great tips on saving money as a family.

  • Focus on paying off your debts – Paying off debts can be a challenge when you have children. It takes the back seat because you have so many other expenses to tackle. However, being in debt results in further expenses because you’re going to be paying interest. So, the best thing to do is put a plan together to pay off your debts. Use a debt consolidation calculator to determine whether this would be the best solution. Otherwise, put together a structured plan so you can work out how much you can afford to comfortably put towards your debts every month.
  • Take advantage of cheap family travel – Make sure you explore your travel options carefully. If you use public transport a lot, buying a railcard may be a wise idea. You could save 1/3 off family train travel by investing in a railcard.
  • Shop better – Most families will agree that a large chunk of their monthly spending goes on groceries. So, now is the perfect time to learn how to shop more effectively. Take advantage of the value ranges that are offered by supermarkets. Also, buy in bulk and make a shopping list before you go to the supermarket. A few small changes can go a very long way when trying to save money.
  • Make the most of vouchers and coupons – Nowadays, there seems to be a voucher and coupon for everything, so make the most of them. You can also use special childcare vouchers to save money in terms of tax. Make sure you explore all of your options carefully. A lot of parents are missing out on savings without even realising it.
  • Opt for free family fun – There are plenty of ways for you and your family to have fun without spending money. If you do a quick browse on the Internet, you will see that there are many free attractions, or venues where children go free, which will make your days out a lot more cost effective.
  • Make sure you’re not paying too much for council tax – There are many homes that are in the wrong council tax In fact, this has been the way since 1993. This means you could be paying way too much money for your home’s valuations. Not only this, you may also be owned a significant amount of money too, and so this is definitely something that is worth exploring future.

So there you have it: some of the best ways to save money if you have children. While it can be incredibly difficult, it is not impossible. Follow the advice that has been mentioned above, and you will soon notice that your money starts to build-up.


Strategies To Teach Your Child Responsibility

As a parent, we are always working at teaching our children how to be the best versions of themselves. From being thoughtful, listening when people talk, being respectful, and of course learning responsibility. Being responsible is learning to take care of their belongings, get their homework done and on time, learning to take care of themselves and others, and much more. Below are some strategies to teach your child responsibility.

When your child learns about responsibility you also want them to have a positive attitude as they complete the task at hand. You don’t want them to do the task because they have to, you want them to be proud they are doing it and to the best of their ability. Raising helpful, strong, responsible kids is our goals as parents. These tips below can help you nurture and teach your child to be responsible.

5 Tips for Teaching Your Child Responsibility

Strategies To Teach Your Child Responsibility

Be A Role Model

First and foremost you want to act the way you want your child to act. Parents have so many responsibilities that we can demonstrate each day how to handle them. Be on time, finish tasks doing the best you can do, and if you promise or agree to help out with something, follow through.

Start Teaching At A Young Age

If your child is still young, that is the best time to teach. Teach them to pick up their toys, put the dishes up when they are finished eating, and the list goes on. As they get older, they will be engrained with those simple responsibilities you had them do when they are young. Let them help make a sandwich at lunch, and help fold laundry. It may take longer and not be done perfectly, but allowing your child to help when they ask to, will slowly teach them simple responsibilities for later in life.


This is something we need to work on as parents. We have to expect that if your 3-year old helps fold laundry or makes their bed it won’t be perfect. But you still allow them to help, because that is how they will learn. You have to look at your child’s age and then base what they can do and to what standard.

Demonstrate Tasks

Demonstrate how to do small tasks so your child can begin to learn. If your child has a laundry basket in their room, teach them that is where they toss dirty clothes. Or that if they want a snack, create a bin that has approved snacks that they can grab and eat by themselves if you say they can. A simple task like that will teach them how to be responsible for themselves, respect rules of the household, and grow.


Kids love to help out, and in that make sure to offer positive praise when they do. Tell them you are proud of them, thank them for helping take the trash out or dust. Children will learn that when they help it makes mom and dad proud and they will work hard to keep doing this for you.


Kids need and love structure and routines. You can slowly begin to tell your son to pick up their room each night or put the laundry in the basket. It will then become a routine. Just like with older kids, that when they get home they have to sit down and work on homework, instead of waiting till later at night. Over time it will become a routine to them, instead of winging it when they want.


Afford That House Conversion, Now!

Your house could look like this if only you had the funds to invest (image: https://www.pexels.com/photo/apartment-architecture-art-books-276724/)

With Christmas having just been, it is difficult to say how much money is left in your bank account, if any. Logging into your online banking in this period always gives you the chills, but with the house conversion you always dreamt of being a priority, you have no option but to face those scary digits.

Statistics show that the average American spends $700 during Christmas on holiday gifts alone. This means, combined, the American population spends more than $465 billion during the festive season. It is no wonder, as a result, that January and February are cold and harsh months for families in the country; there simply is little money left after all this spending. With the below tips, you will hopefully be able to afford the house conversion you have been dreaming of for a while.

Put it on the credit card 

Preapproved credit cards could help you finally afford converting your house into your dream pad. If you are unsure of what credit card companies out there would entitle you to, with these type of credit cards you could request a free credit report without this ruining your credit rating. That is why they are called preapproved. They are a great tool to know what kind of offering there is in the market and the way it works is that credit card companies will send different offers for you to choose from and see which form of credit you could be eligible for.

Sell your stuff on Ebay 

They say that a little bit goes a long way and this is exactly what could happen if you decided to sell some of your belongings on Ebay. Whilst you might have never thought you would end up auctioning your clutter, many people resort to selling on ebay to afford a project they haven’t got enough funds for. The platform charges a percentage for every item you manage to sell, but this is still a great way to earn some easy cash from the comfort of your living room.

Organise a raffle 

If you have a large network, organising a raffle is a way of asking people for money without begging for it. You could invest some of your own money in coming up with a great prize a lucky winner could bag. Once you have decided on the goods to offer the winning ticket, invite your family and friends over and sell each ticket for a set price. The more invitees you manage to gather, the bigger will be your returns. A great way of getting everyone together, raffles are also excellent solutions to the cash-strapped. You just have to make sure your winning prize is attractive enough.

The above steps could ensure you can finally afford your dreamed conversion. These might not bring you all the money in one go, but if you stay focused and set realistic targets, you will get there!

5 Mistakes Every Parent Makes

I am for the first time raising a teenager stage of parenthood and boy is it rough. I keep being reminded that she is only 15 and there’s more to come, but seriously, how much harder can it get? I say the wrong things. I make too many things a life lesson and I can easily get my teen to shut down in 2.2 seconds. I seriously feel some days like a failure to parenthood, but I realize this feeling is not something I have to be alone in.

Many parents feel the same way. Be it, mom or dad, we all get that parenting guilt trap going on where we feel like our teen is going to hate us forever, be scarred for life or worse. REality is, our teens are much more resilient than we give them credit for. Teens have this inept ability to forgive and move on from our mishaps as parents. Teens are built to be the same child you raised, just with a new set of thoughts.

While I venture towards this year of raising a 15-year-old, I am found realizing that these 5 mistakes every parent makes throughout the days of child rearing and it’s okay.

5 Mistakes Every Parent Makes

5 Mistakes Every Parent Makes

Making Everything a Life Lesson

If I had a quarter for everytime I open my mouth in response to something my oldest says to make it into some lesson, I would be rich! I know better than to do this, but my mama brain always goes towards making my reply something that teaches something. You know, a life lesson that my teen already knows?! I swear, sometimes her reply of, “Mom I know. I am not dumb!” just is a kick in the gut because I know she knows but still, the Mama in me must reply with some lesson versus just listening to her.

I am too Busy

This has been something I have been getting pretty bad at lately. With the higher workload, trying to make up for back due to bills and really figure out a balance between work at home, school, raising three kids, having a boyfriend and weekly appointments, I am too busy. Reality is, I am not too busy. I should never reply that I am too busy because that’s the one time your teen may actually open up to you and a reply of “I’m too busy” will shut them down in 2.2 seconds without a chance to hear them later on about the same thing.

Your Sibling is Younger and Doesn’t do This

Another mistake I make and many other parents who are raising more than one child make. It’s a reply that is meant to drive your older child to be better, do better and realize that their teen brain isn’t thinking clearly. In reality, this reply makes your teen feel like an idiot, less than and annoyed with you to the point that they don’t care and will continue doing worse than their sibling just to make you more frustrated because they can.

Your Friend isn’t a Good Person

While you may have every right to believe and feel that your teen’s friend isn’t a good person, telling your teenager that information is probably going to drive them to hang out with the said person even more. I have always been that parent who gives every child a chance, but it seems once my first born turned 14, I have been more guarded of her friendships than I ever was before. Learn to trust that your teen will make the right decisions in friendships, listen to them about EVERY friend (even the ones you think are bad) and try to hear what they are saying. This friend may not be “bad” but dealing with troubles far beyond anything you can imagine.

Can’t you Just Stop Talking

Since I am blessed with the talking gene, as I call it, from my father’s side of the family so are my children. My teen can go days without uttering many words and then have a really awesome day where she will talk and talk, meaning her brothers can’t even get a word in edgewise. This drives me bonkers sometimes because I want all three kiddos to share their thoughts, so I respond to STOP TALKING PLEASE and well that just fires back at me with a teen who shuts down 100%. Teens are dramatic about their responses, try not be the dramatic parent and think through what you say.

Teens are Dramatic. Period.

Teens are dramatic about their responses, try not be the dramatic parent and think through what you say. It doesn’t matter if you have the most intelligent human being on Earth as your teen child, those teenager years make brains work differently. It doesn’t matter how many times you try to get through to them about a bad person, a bad event or a life lesson you feel they need to hear again, your teen will not care what you have to say in that moment. Surely you can take time, as I do, to spend 15-30 minutes with your teen at the end of each day so that they have that time to open up but there’s no guarantee you will stop making these mistakes listed above.

Let’s Try to Avoid These Mistakes

We are imperfect human beings raising children who are near adults. As parents, we have to learn to let go and trust that mistakes will be made, friendships will be broken and bad things may happen, but it will work out in the end and your teen will be just as fine as you were as a teenager. If we worry less and listen more, our teens will make better decisions overall.

7 Tricks For A Home That’s Heaven Scent

Every home tends to struggle with odors at one time or another, whether this is from pets, kids playing outside, or the bins. However, you don’t have to put up with these odors – there are tricks you can use that will help you to make your home smell incredible 24/7. Read on to find out what they are:

7 Tricks For A Home

Utilize Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is one of the nicest and healthiest ways to make your home smell good. Some people don’t realize that candles bought from the store can be toxic, due to the ingredients in them. By purchasing high quality essential oils and using them in a diffuser, you can ensure your home smells amazing and enjoy the calming and uplifting benefits of aromatherapy.

Start Using More Natural Cleaning Agents

Instead of using cleaning agents filled with toxic stuff, start using more natural agents. You can look at sites like CleanHappens.com to get an idea of the clothes detergent you can find, and you can even look online for your own recipes. Why not create your own furniture polish using a carrier oil like olive oil, your favorite essential oil, and a small amount of vinegar? You’ll shine up your furniture and avoid stinking the house out with furniture polish.


Simmer Herbs On The Stove

If you want a gorgeous smell to permeate the home and cut through the smell that lingers at the moment, simmering herbs on the stove is one of the best ways to do it. Some of the best herbs for the job include lavender and mint, and you can also add citrus to the mix to make it smell fresh. Alternatively, you can cook something yummy like cookies or bread. The smell will wander through your home in the best way, so it’s perfect for when you’re hosting a party.

Clean Out Your Drains

If you have a funky smell in your home, it could very well be your drains. Usually, a combination of vinegar and baking soda can clean them out, but you’ll need to be careful. If the smell is seriously bad, you may have an underlying problem and need to call in a pro.

Get A Gentle Dog/Cat Spray

Pets smell. We love them to bits, but there’s no two ways about it. A gentle dog/cat spray can usually help to make them smell better. You can find leave in shampoos that you simply brush through, so there’s no need to put them in the dreaded tub. Just make sure you read reviews and ensure the spray is gentle enough for their skin.

Make Carpet Freshener Your Friend

It isn’t always enough to vacuum the carpet. Carpet freshener before vacuuming can make the world of difference and really get rid of those lingering nasty smells.

Cotton Ball Perfume Bombs

Grab your favorite oil or perfume, and create cotton ball perfume bombs that you can strategically place around the house. You can put them behind cushions and sofas, in flower arrangements, and anywhere else you like. Just don’t forget where you put them!

Leave your own tricks below!

Disney•Pixar’s INCREDIBLES 2 Plus Incredibles Gift Guide #Incredibles2

Watch out summer of 2018, because this family that kept my sons glued to the movies when I needed time to work from home is back and better than ever. Disney Pixar’s Incredibles 2 is releasing in theaters in June 2018. I am so excited that I am able to share a sneak peek trailer with you all, enjoy!

Disney•Pixar’s INCREDIBLES 2 that opens in theatres everywhere June 15th, 2018


Everyone’s favorite family of superheroes is back in “Incredibles 2” – but this time Helen (voice of Holly Hunter) is in the spotlight, leaving Bob (voice of Craig T. Nelson) at home with Violet (voice of Sarah Vowell) and Dash (voice of Huck Milner) to navigate the day-to-day heroics of “normal” life. It’s a tough transition for everyone, made tougher by the fact that the family is still unaware of baby Jack-Jack’s emerging superpowers. When a new villain hatches a brilliant and dangerous plot, the family and Frozone (voice of Samuel L. Jackson) must find a way to work together again—which is easier said than done, even when they’re all Incredible.

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Sneek Peak Teaser Trailer

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Incredibles 2 Releasing Summer 2018

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