Skills needed to become a good foster parent

Parenting a foster child is easier said than done. It is a big responsibility and you can find no easy recipe to make it work. Since every child is unique and every situation is different, you need to approach the matter of foster parenting on an individual basis depending on the child you are fostering.

Having said that there are certain qualities and skills that can help you to be a successful foster parent. But more than anything else, these skills will help you to bring about a difference in the lives of your foster children and form a beautiful bond with them. Here are the essential skills you need to have to become a good foster parent.


When it comes to foster parenting a child, patience is an invaluable quality. Remember that the child entering your home under your foster care will be facing a new life and a new environment. This life and environment may be quite different from what the child is used to.

On the other hand, your home has its own set of rules, regulations, and culture that you would want the child to follow. It may not be easy for the child to adjust to everything at once. Your foster child may even take a long time to adopt these changes. You will have to exercise patience and offer unconditional support while dealing with the child.

Clear communication

As is the case in all relationships, communication assumes a vital role in developing your relationship with your foster child as well. In most cases, children coming under foster care have gone through mental or physical trauma or neglect.

Being a foster parent, you will have to reach out to them and encourage them to speak and share about their lives. You will have to learn to develop listening skills as well. By communicating with them, you will be able to help them to gain confidence and transform into emotionally strong individuals.

Ability to handle challenges

If you are having a hard time going through the adoption process, fostering parenting might be an option. But do not forget that becoming a foster parent comes with its own share of challenges. You may be up for several twists and turns along the journey of foster parenting that you might not have anticipated at all.

One thing to keep in mind is that training to be a foster parent and actually being one is two different things. No training can completely prepare you for the role of a foster parent. You will have to exercise your ability to overcome the challenges on a day-to-day basis as you go about creating a loving bond with your foster child.

Empathy and understanding

To be able to develop a healthy relationship with your foster child, you will have to understand the child’s position first. Place yourself in the shoes of your foster child and try to visualize the things from the child’s point of view.

This will help you to gain a better understanding of your foster child’s needs. Once you have an idea of what the child lacks or why the child is behaving in a certain way, you will be able to gain the child’s trust by communicating verbally and non-verbally that you understand and empathize with the whole matter. This will go a long way in laying the foundation of a happy and healthy relationship with the child.

Being a team player

Bringing up a foster child is not a solo act. This is something where you will have to work with your immediate family in order to raise your foster child in a loving and caring atmosphere. At the same time, you will also have to remain in constant touch with the birth family of your foster child. Sometimes you may even have to guide the family of the foster child as well in order to ensure the child’s well-being.

In many cases, foster parents have to deal with social workers frequently. Considering such varied aspects of foster parenting, you will have to learn to be a team player and work with a whole bunch of people to provide your foster child a happy life in your home.


It’s not just the child who has to adapt to a new environment when moving under foster care. As a foster parent, you will also need to be able to adapt to the changing situations that may arise in your life due to the child.

For instance, your foster child may develop an emotional issue or suffer from a medical problem. This may need you to drop your regular plans and attend to the child’s needs at short notice. If you are not ready to make such adjustments, your journey of fostering a child may not be smooth. Being flexible and adaptable will help you to develop a fulfilling relationship with your foster child.

Ability to shower unconditional love

Children in foster care often come with the baggage of a love-deprived childhood. This can impact their emotional state and reflect on their behavior. Showering them with love, care, and appreciation can make a big difference in their lives.

Your act of showing them unconditional love can help them to overcome their past and grow up to become responsible individuals. Taking care of such children and showing them love is not always easy. This is where you will have to be resilient and make sure that they do not feel deprived of love when under your care.

Becoming a foster parent can be a rewarding experience in itself. On one hand, it will help a child to get a good life, love, and care. On the other hand, you will be able to derive satisfaction from the fact that you are impacting a child’s life in a positive manner. Fostering a child may not be simple, but it’s not impossible either. With genuine effort and the skills mentioned above, you will be able to fit into the role of a foster parent in a confident manner.

Horoscopes and More – Old Traditions and New Beliefs

In an increasingly materialistic world, the modern human being is grappling with many conflicts that traditional dogma is not able to address. This has lead to a birth of new movements and spiritual thoughts and practices – designed to address the ever-dynamic scenarios of the information age.

New age spirituality can be defined as a blend of old core beliefs and modern outlooks. It has found form in many ways. It borrows from tradition but wears a new face and rituals once forgotten are making a comeback. Many theories abound when it comes to defining new age spirituality. One thing that has been established is that it is not confined to single sets of rules and is very open in nature.

You may be surprised to know that horoscopes and tarot reading are making a comeback amongst millennials. As the search for peace of mind continues, people are finding solace in astrology and related practices, and for good reason. A deeper analysis like sheds more light on this growing wave of acceptance.

Benefits of Astrology and Horoscopes

Although dismissed by many as superstition and psychological manipulation, a large section of the educated millennial demographic is seeing the benefits of horoscopes and other astrology related topics.

Firstly, astrology as a concept abandons fatalism – even though a lot is attributed to the stars and the planets aligning the eventual power still rests with an individual. Astrology reminds people that they are in control of their lives. When you go for a horoscope reading, you are shown a different perspective but not etched in stone.

Astrology gives people the feedback they sometimes need about their life direction and it arms them with the optimism and knowledge that information can be used to improve things rather than just accept things. This principle of astrology is what attracts the modern practitioner and it is different from a lot of traditional religions which serve the future as a defined path that cannot be changed.

Horoscopes are very personal in nature. They tell you about who you are rather than what you should be doing to fit into the larger picture. They address your intimate desires and fears. In many ways, a horoscope is a customized form of spirituality – it is visceral and deals at the individual level. It is not farfetched to consider that a detailed horoscope analysis can help you understand yourself better and find the path to emotional and spiritual improvement or maturity.

Horoscopes and astrology have been around since the dawn of civilization – ancient Babylonian records reveal some of the earliest astrology related texts. From kings to traders, astrology was a guiding principle in many ways. Today, of course, your horoscope may not dictate a grand narrative such as war or a trade agreement. Instead, horoscopes help you gain clarity on many important aspects of life.

The Relevance of Horoscopes in Modern Life

Horoscopes not only cover your path in life but they also address the dynamics that you share with the people around you. They can reveal how you can improve your relationships with family, peers, and colleagues and how to stay away from conflict. ‘Predicting the future’ – that is a rather crude way of describing horoscopes, although we have probably been guilty of thinking that way.

Horoscopes describe the future by laying down possibilities – they do not diminish your individual choice making. They are indicators of what lies ahead and are a way for you to prepare so you can take the positives and deal with the negatives.

Horoscopes are a good indicator of how suited you are with someone else in a romantic relationship. Western audiences may not be familiar with this aspect of astrology but in countries like India, horoscopes are very important when deciding relationships and marriages. Horoscopes measure compatibility, something that is very important in a relationship. They can also indicate personality traits.

Astrology can also be a great morale booster. Daily horoscopes have their own benefits. They can provide a sense of vigor and rejuvenate you with enthusiasm by highlighting the reasons to be optimistic.

Embracing Lifestyles with an Open Mind

When it comes to horoscopes and other forms of divinity, the key to understanding them is by having an open mind. New age spirituality is focused on healing and emotional progression. This is a reason why it is recommended that you embrace the best of all lifestyles and also acknowledge the choices that other people make. By rooting out discord and a bias towards a particular belief, you create a harmonious balance. With peace at the core, you will be able to live your life and pursue your dreams and ambitions in a content manner.

What to Put into Consideration When Choosing a Motorcycle Jacket

When it comes to motorcycle gear, two things come out as the most important of all – the helmet and the jacket. Motorcycle jackets not only improve your outward appearance, but they also offer protection from the strong wind and even scratches or injuries in case of an accident. But this is not the only reason why motorcycle jackets are important.

An ideal biker would be incomplete without a jacket no matter how stunning his/her motorcycle is. Hence, it becomes a necessity in which you cannot do without as a biker. The bigger challenge comes in choosing the ideal jacket for yourself. Going for trending styles or colors will not only result in poor decision-making but could also be the onset of your regrets over acquiring an unsuitable jacket.

Read through to get an insight of what to consider when choosing the right jacket for you. See motorcycle apparel to help you select suitable motorcycle gear and accessories.

How to select the ideal jacket

Despite challenges posed by trends, style, and even money, there are many options for motorcycle jackets to choose from. Only the challenges may be the limiting factor and so, finding the right jacket for yourself while weighing other factors can be a huge task to undertake.

Here are some things to look into when selecting your riding jacket.

  • A jacket that offers safety – As a biker, you may often get tempted to ride at high speeds. Also, going on a ride and especially long-distance rides, you require something that offers maximum protection. Select a jacket that will provide you with a safety effect.
  • Go for comfort – Having a jacket that is oversized or too tight will result in you not enjoying your riding experience. Even more so, does your jacket suffocate you? These are questions you need to ask yourself before investing in this gear. Comfort also means that you select a riding jacket that is suitable for each season. Look into all season motorcycle jackets and invest in the right jacket for enhanced comfort.
  • Of course, keep up with the trends – Even if colors and styles are the last factors you’d have to consider, they are important too. There are trendy riding jackets that are fit and comfortable. You don’t have to look basic with a simple riding jacket. Try leather jackets, textile jackets or even jackets that are based on gender preference. After all, looking good is part of feeling confident about your riding experience.

Check out Alphinestars riding jackets for trendy, fashionable and comfortable jackets

All in all, your riding experience needs to be enjoyable. Having the right and comfortable gear is necessary so as to achieve maximum bliss when riding. Also, it is important to learn how to take care of your gear, especially your riding jacket to ensure that it remains clean and pristine.

It’s Time to Get in Back to School Mode

I am a little upset that back to school is starting in about a week here, but my middle child is ecstatic. He cannot wait to get back into the swing of a school routine and to catch up with all of his friends that he hasn’t’ seen since last school year. While back to school season is fun for some and a sad time for others, it’s a great way to get yourself back into a routine. Today I’m sharing some tips on how to get in back to school mode, no matter if you’re happy or sad about this transition out of summer break.

It’s Time to Get in Back to School Mode

School Supplies

For starters, you’ll have to think about shopping for back to school supplies and clothes. I have three kids, one attends VLACS which is an online charter school so that child doesn’t need any major school supplies. The other two children certainly need some school supplies. I have to find our school supply list, I believe it’s on the SAU website for local parents. Amazon has a Back to School Supply List for you on their website, in case you can’t find yours.

Back to School Essentials Supplies Kit Bundle K-8Back to School Essentials Supplies Kit Bundle K-8Backpack, Travel Water Resistant School Backpack with USB Charging Port for Women Men, Canvas College Student Bag Bookbag Fits 15.6 Inch Laptop and Notebook, Grey Rucksack Daypack for Outdoor CampingBackpack, Travel Water Resistant School Backpack with USB Charging Port for Women Men, Canvas College Student Bag Bookbag Fits 15.6 Inch Laptop and Notebook, Grey Rucksack Daypack for Outdoor CampingChalkboard Style First Day of School Customizable Photo Prop Tin Sign - Reusable Easy Clean Back to SchoolChalkboard Style First Day of School Customizable Photo Prop Tin Sign – Reusable Easy Clean Back to SchoolArtCreativity 13” Flexible Bendy Pencils for Kids (12 Pack) | Fun & Functional Long Bendable Writing Pencil Set | Birthday Party Favors/ Goodie Bag Fillers/ Classroom Gifts/ Back to School SuppliesArtCreativity 13” Flexible Bendy Pencils for Kids (12 Pack) | Fun & Functional Long Bendable Writing Pencil Set | Birthday Party Favors/ Goodie Bag Fillers/ Classroom Gifts/ Back to School Supplies


Dealing with Anxiety

My youngest child has major anxiety with school, I am not sure what happened but for the last couple of years, he’s been pretty rough when it comes to going to school and even talking about school. He gets very anxious and I always feel bad, but on the other hand, he needs to attend school. I work to slowly bring up the subject of school, discuss the importance of it and he just keeps saying one more year. He wants to attend the online charter school that his oldest sibling does, but we aren’t sure yet.

School Clothes

I have never really been that mom who buys her children a new wardrobe every new school year. I often purchase one or two outfits for each child so that they at least have something new, but otherwise, I am simple. If the children don’t need new clothes, then they don’t get new clothes. I feel it’s a waste of money to buy new clothes every year when the old ones are still in good shape and fit the children just fine. If you must buy new school clothes, there are many deals online for this.

The back to school season is difficult for me this year, as our life is slightly different than it’s ever been. The children aren’t under the same roof as me and I’m going to have to figure out the whole bedtime routine with my ex-husband for our younger two if I don’t get us under one roof in the next week. Even though back to school season is odd this year for us, it’s still going to be a fun time because these children have parents who love and care for them. We will work this week towards doing some back to school shopping and preparation for a new back to school routine as we reside under separate roofs for a brief amount of time.

Go Nuts! 7 Hassle-Free Ways to Include More Nuts in Your Diet

Consuming nuts as part of a healthy diet is a very good idea. Not only are nuts a good source of dietary fiber that can help satiate your hunger for a long time, they also contain a cocktail of nutrients that are great for cardiovascular health. These include vitamin E and L-arginine, which play a big role in keeping your arteries healthy, as well as plant sterols and unsaturated fats, which are essential to maintaining healthy levels of good cholesterol in the body. Nuts are also rich in omega 3 fatty acids, which are known to help prevent anomalous heart rhythms.

Being such a powerhouse of nutrients, nuts definitely need to be part of your everyday diet, but exactly how can you consume them more enjoyably? Naturally, you can eat them in their original form and take pleasure in their rich, earthy flavor, but there are also many creative ways to have them without unnecessarily overindulging. Read on to find out just how!

Salads. Adding crushed almonds or walnuts into your salads is an easy way to lend more texture and to your favorite greens. Also consider adding aromatic vegetables like arugula or basil, as well as slices of fruits like apples, oranges, or grapes to add further dimension to your salads.

Cereals. Whole grain cereals are a great source of fiber, B-vitamins, vitamin E, minerals and phytochemicals all on their own, but add nuts on them as toppings, and you can easily make your cereal breakfasts more nutritious. Also consider adding fruits and seeds to further boost your cereal’s nutrition profile.

Asian Dishes. Nuts are a quintessential ingredients in many Asian cuisines, with peanuts being used in popular dishes like the Chinese stir-fry dish kung pao, the Thai noodle dish pad thai, and the Filipino stew kare-kare. Other popular nuts used in Asian stir-fry dishes are walnuts and cashews.

Milked Nuts. Drinking milked nuts is another great way to enjoy the nutrients afforded by nuts without eating them whole. The best plant-based, milked nut products are those that are made through cold milling process, which doesn’t use heat. This means the nutrients of the whole nuts are preserved, and the milk products produced are naturally creamy, eschewing the need to use artificial stabilizers or food gums.

Nut Butters. Whether they’re from almonds, pecans, peanuts, pistachios, or macadamia nuts,  nut butters offer a great way for everyone to enjoy the wholesome goodness of nuts. Spread your favorite nut butter on toast or on a banana for a boost of healthy carbs and potassium, respectively. You can also eat them on their own as a tasty treat after a savory meal. Always choose nut butters that are low in sugar so you can really enjoy the health benefits of the source nuts without the negative effects of too much sugar.

Nuts with Popcorn. Looking for healthy alternative to those grease- and flavoring-laden potato and corn chips from supermarkets? Consider snacking on roasted nuts and popcorn instead. However, make sure not to use the super oily popcorn that you get from cinemas or groceries. Air-popped, home-cooked popcorn is always best.

Nuts on Ice Cream or Yogurt. What better way to enjoy nuts than by using them as healthy toppings for your ice cream or yogurt dessert? Make sure to pick the low-sugar variants of these popular treats to cut back on unnecessary calories.

Nuts are unquestionably versatile, and it only takes a little imagination on your part to find out how they can be of better use to your everyday meals and desserts. Have fun!

File for Your LLC with a Trusted Source: IRS EIN Filing Service

When it comes to owning a business and the requirements needed for various entities, it can become very complex. IRS EIN Filing Service is here to take the stress out of filing for your LLC and EIN. The website provides a lot of information that new and established business owners are looking for when planning a company. In addition to the expert information you can find, the website offers simplified forms to trust tax id number and file for an LLC.

What to Know Before Filing

When you need to file for an LLC or EIN for a new business, online resources offer the quickest solution. IRS EIN Tax ID Filing Service requires only three simple steps to apply for an EIN on their website. You will first choose what type of entity you are applying for a number, fill out the required paperwork, and then submit the application via the IRS EIN secure website. Their application center is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They never shut down, unlike the IRS site that does.

Once this application process is complete, you can expect to receive your tax ID number within one hour of filling out the necessary paperwork and sending it in via your email address. Your number is ready to use in most cases as soon as it arrives.

Secure, Simple and Quick

When the time arrives and you need an EIN or LLC, you can trust in the secure services provided by IRS EIN Filing Service. Their simplified EIN forms and helpful information ensures that you will be ready to operate your business on time.

Working with the experienced and friendly Gov’t Assist agents at the IRS EIN website takes the stress and headache away of applying for a tax ID number.

Top 5 Tips for a Happier Dog

As a dog owner, you understand only things that dogs owners understand—how dogs can restore your sense of wisdom and wonder. It’s hard to feel lonely when you have a warm, loving companion by your side always ready for a rubdown or a walk.

Bringing you joy and igniting your spontaneous sense of love and generosity, dogs can touch your heart and help you laugh again after a particularly hard day at work. Blissfully ignorant of things like tyrannical bosses, conniving colleagues, missed deadlines, and scope creep that pushes projects over budget, dogs can help you find your sense of balance when you get home.

So, what can you do to return the favor? How can you help your dog enjoy a wonderful life? Here are a few ways you can help your dog feel happier, more carefree, and well-loved:

Buy a GPS collar 

The purpose of getting your dog a GPS collar is simple: it helps prevent your dog from getting lost. This can happen, for instance, when you’re in the woods and your dog joyfully romps out of sight chasing a squirrel. When it comes to GPS dog tracking collar, the DU Supply Garmin Astro 320 is the next generation. This type of collar is particularly useful if you live in a remote area and your dog gets out of the house and wanders off.

Provide Your Dog with Special Foods

Besides giving your dog a favorite brand of dog food, or your own home-cooked dog food after doing some online research, consider giving your dog some nutritious snacks.

Although you don’t want to overdo it, some good times to give your dog treats are as a reward during dog training, during holidays when everyone around your poor dog is relishing treats, and during those times when you think your dog is looking a little too lean.

So, while your kids might be enjoying their Halloween candy or your family and friends savoring your special Thanksgiving dessert, give your dog snacks designed for dogs. Natural treats are often made with peanuts, apple, carrots, oats, and similar wholesome ingredients.

Special foods like green tripe, milk thistle, raw eggs, organ meats, and coconut oil can help your dog build muscle and get a shinier coat. Think of them as doggy supplements.

Help Your Sick Dog Feel Better

While, of course, a trip to your caring veterinarian is the most sensible way to help your dog get well again, sometimes your local clinic may be so busy that it will take a few days before you can get an appointment.

What do you do in the meanwhile? Here are some home remedies you can try to make your pooch feel a little better:

  • If your dog is suffering from nausea, vomits often, or has diarrhea, give your dog plenty of fluids with electrolytes to help them shake off their lethargy.
  • If you suspect your dog is suffering from gastrointestinal distress, which often happens with puppies, then give your dog some yogurt to help repopulate their gut bacteria.
  • If your dog is constantly scratching because they have a minor skin irritation, get a spray bottle and fill it with chamomile tea. Chamomile has soothing qualities that can help your dog feel less itchy.

Use a Dog Stroller

The idea of dog strollers is slowly getting wider acceptance. Although dog strollers are often used for elderly dogs who tire easily after long walks, they are also useful for taking your sick dog to the vet or for providing your dog with a safe space they can curl up for napping if you have to take your dog for a day at your busy office or have to stay overnight at a motel.

Find Great Places for Dog Walks

Humans aren’t the only ones who love to go to interesting places. A family vacation could include finding comprehensive trail guides for your dog to enjoy some outdoor adventure. There are numerous long-distance trails in populated Eastern and Midwestern regions and in the more remote Western areas.

There are many special things you can do for your dog. After all, as a New York Times article by researcher Gregory Burns says, “Dogs are people, too.”

Why Family Bonding is Important for Families

The concept of family is not just about those who were born to you or share a blood relation. The family is defined by a person or group of people with whom you feel closest to. I have a large extended “family” that doesn’t involve just blood-related family members. The family structure regardless of blood relation is a vital component of society and the mental health of our children.  When children grow up in a household that puts family bonding at a high level of priority, tend to be more caring, compassionate and great at relationships in the future.

Why Family Bonding is Important for Families

Keeps Family United

Bonding is not just an important word for family. It makes us feel united as one. Strangers all over unite to bond over a similar passion or cause all of the time. Family bonding is much like those instances when a portion of society meets up to discuss their favorite cause, passion or business goal. Family bonding goes a bit deeper as emotions are involved. This type of bonding helps a group of people who call each other family learn more about each other’s likes, loves, and passions. It helps solidify a love like no other person or group will ever provide to the family members.

Healthy Connections

One benefit of family bonding that I personally love is that it helps inspire healthy connections and relationships. This goes beyond the initial family unit. When children grow up in a home that put bonding time as a priority, they tend to foster healthy connections with others in society. Children who spent quality time with their family unit have a more positive outlook on life and know how to maintain healthy connections with their friends and love partners.  Family bonding time helps children learn how to communicate, listen and act appropriately within a safe environment.


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Promote Happiness

Spending quality time bonding as a family helps promote happiness within the entire household as well as within individuals. Letting go of adult responsibilities and sitting down to enjoy the game time, movie time or even just a casual conversation with your children can help ease your stress and promote happier times. Children who grow up in a household where they feel heard and respected will grow up to treat others in the same way and promote happiness everywhere they go in life. Being happy is important to maintaining healthy habits in life, love, and business.

Family bonding is a beautiful thing and there are so many things you can do to boost and promote this time together. Whether you set a specific day of the week for family bonding time or do it at spontaneous moments, family bonding will truly inspire a healthy connection that will run deeper than your immediate household with your family members.

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Easy Family Bonding Idea

Schedule a weekly family movie night, we have Family Friday Night where we eat pizza and my three kids vote on a movie. When the kids were younger, we’d do a slumber party in the living room as well as pizza and a movie. This solidified the bond between my children and me, I highly recommended a Family Friday Night for any family who’s raising kids still.