Those Bittersweet Teen Years

A s you watched your teen walk off to high school with a cup of tea in her hand and her hair dyed and cut to her liking, it dawns on you that you helped raise this child. This now teenager is yours, she is growing up and in this brief moment your heart aches because you realize it won’t be long before she is an adult of her own, off making her own life. These days are bittersweet, full of moments where she is still your little girl yet an adult at the same time. Days full of moments where just for a glimpse she’s that same little girl who loves coloring with you, chatting with you about anything and everything, that same little girl who used to cook in the kitchen with you and seemed to enjoy every waking moment being near you.

You are mother, a woman who is meant to raise the children and set them free on their own adventure called life. You are mother, a woman who loves unconditionally no matter how rough the sea gets. You are mother, a woman who is meant to guide her children through their younger years in a way that molds them to be confident, independent and creative adult souls. You are mother, and while the thought passes briefly that soon you will be mother to two younger sons, while your daughter ventures into adulthood …

you feel both happiness and sorrow.

Being a mother has always been the best job I have ever held. Sure some days are harder than others and that thing called sibling rivalry drives me crazy in some moments. The things is though, I wouldn’t trade a day of motherhood for anything else. The mom in me always shines through, admitting my flaws and constantly working to be a better person every single day. Each day I work to be stronger, more confident and a great example for my children, I become something stronger and more confident for myself.

Cherish Each Moment

I read daily on Facebook of friends having such challenges with their teenagers, yet I look at my lovely teen daughter and the only challenge I face is her indecisive nature, which I blame me for. I am truly one who can be full of indecisive responses and it’s a fact that most teenagers are naturally indecisive. As the days pass, I realize more and more that I am enjoying these days of motherhood, raising a teen daughter and watching as she figures out who she is as a person and wonder who she will be in four years when she graduates high school and ventures into the real world.

Mom Influence Bittersweet Teen YearsThings that matter

Remember to focus on what you have instilled within your teen daughter, not the bumps she’s working through as she finds herself.

I find myself feeling that bittersweet feeling that comes when you are nearing the last years of raising a child, those moments when you are supposed to let go just a little bit more and allow for them to make their own mistakes, no matter how hard that can be. Let go and let them be who they are without judgment or ridicule. Let go and trust that the last 13 years haven’t gone wasted, that somewhere deep within you have embedded a great example of good morals, manners and confidence that will shine through in every challenging moment.

Motherhood is not something for the faint at heart, you will find your heart strings are tugged at every new stage in childhood. It’s how you handle the scenario that makes you a Mom Influencer.

Mom Influence Cherish Each Moment of Motherhood

Be proud, for you have raised a child who has survived fourteen years and is now ready to start embarking on their own journey, a journey to adulthood and boy are you blessed to be able to watch this unfold.