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I am all about teaching kids money management skills. As a single mom for most of the firstborn child’s life, I was a master at budgeting and making sure that the little money I made lasted a long time. While she may have better money management skills due to seeing me be super strict on a budget for most of her life, the boys haven’t had that same experience. As a mom to a teenager, an Asperger’s boy and a hyper boy; it’s important for me to find tools that work to teach them how to develop good financial skills. I want nothing more than to teach them how to work smarter and budget so that they can excel financially in their adult life.

I recently heard about BusyKid, this app that allows parents to give stock versus gifts this holiday season! I know, I know, surely you are wondering what in the world a kid would need with stock at the age of 10 or even 3? Well, there’s more to it, let me share more details with you.

What to Give this Holiday Season

Important FYI’s for Parents

  • Price is now $14.95 for the entire family
  • They are introducing the BusyKid Spend Card, a reloadable Visa® prepaid card, where kids can move their allowance in order to spend in stores or online
  • For a limited time, 2 kids of each new family will receive a free $10 stock. We want kids to learn how to invest so we decided to give them their first experience in dealing with the stock market.

How Does BusyKid Work?

Oh gosh, this a super easy app to use. I am not even kidding! So you sign up, set chores, set prices for chores and then the kids do the work. Ah, I love the sound of that. Every Friday the kids get to earn their allowance. At this point they can invest it in stock, they can have it as cash, they can spend it, whatever they desire. Use BusyKid to teach your kids how to invest, save and spend money easily. This is by far the best gift this holiday season because it helps to keep your home clean, the kids learning skills that they need as adults and parents to not get a headache trying to nag kids.

What to Give this Holiday Season

Why Kids Need Financial Guidance at Home

Basic financial topics such as saving, investing, budgeting, credit, taxes, loans should be taught with the same importance as reading, writing, math and science in our schools. It’s not the fault of teachers, but we aren’t preparing our children properly to face a world of hard financial decisions. In a recent study, the majority of parents received a grade of C or worse when it came to understanding basic finance. When questioned, about 80% of parents agreed that paying a child this weekly allowance as a great way to teach their kids money management.

What to Give this Holiday Season

You don’t need to pay your kids $5 a chore, with BusyKid you can easily assign the price per chore and let the kids earn a little bit. Heck, my trio only earns about $2 per week on average and they are mopping floors, vacuuming, taking the trash out, loading and unloading dishwasher; just to name a few things. The house is cleaner and my 3 kids are actually discussing good money spending habits between the three of them, it’s rather cool to witness how BusyKid can help inspire siblings to discuss finances and learn from each other.

So what are you waiting for? Parents … go on buy stock, not gifts this holiday season so that your child can be set up for financial success in their adult life.

Check out BusyKid online and be sure to connect with their social media accounts to stay up to date with their latest information.


Tech Hobbies To Encourage In Your Kids

Technology gets a lot of stick when it comes to its relationship with your kids. OK, so sure, there are some bad points to consider, but if you are a Luddite in these modern times, I’m afraid to say there’s no doubt your children are missing out. Technology gives them a whole bunch of fantastic opportunities, which you or I may not have had when we were kids. Let’s take a closer look at the sort of thing you can encourage – all thanks to the wonders of modern tech.


First and foremost, if your kids get enthused by coding, who knows where it might take them? The world is literally their oyster if you can get them excited to learn the fundamentals of coding and create incredible apps, systems, games or websites, and the earlier they start, the better. There’s a massive push toward getting kids into technology, and in particular, lots of options that will show them the ropes. Pick up a Raspberry Pi, and get them into services like Tynker or Kodable.


It wasn’t too long ago that kids had a choice between a traditional instrument or nothing when it came to learning music. But these days, it’s another story entirely. Every iPad comes equipped with the brilliant Garage Band, where your kids can create tunes of any kind. There are smartphone apps, too, like Crayola DJ and Sesame Street Make Music. And once they have made their first album, you can even use a professional audio CD service, order in bulk, and send everyone in the family a copy – or two. There’s never been a better time for kids to get involved in music, and who knows – perhaps your little one will end up being the next Mozart?


Too much gaming can be damaging for little ones, of course. But there are benefits to gaming, as well. Not only will children start developing skills like coordination and reflexes, but gaming is problem-solving in its most basic form. And if they are good at what they do, they could even compete – some of the pro-gamers around these days earn an astonishing amount of money.


OK, so no more than two hours of TV on any given day – that’s a given. But when your kids are sat in front of the box, what are they actually watching? Shows like Bill Nye, the Science Guy are well worth watching, and you have the likes of Horrible Histories for those that prefer culture over physics. Common Sense Media have a formidable list of TV shows that will ensure your child is actually learning something, rather than just be a passive participant of the technology they use.


Finally, let’s move back to your smartphone or tablet. If your child has a passion for drawing or painting – and which children don’t! – there are plenty of options when it comes to tech. Color & Draw For Kids, Morton Subotnick’s Pitch Painter, and Doodlecast for Kids are all excellent outlets for budding Monets.

Any more tech hobby ideas for kids? Let everyone know about them in the comments!


Seeing Eye To Eye With You Lil’ Girl Or Guy

The bond between a parent and a child is something which a lot of people see as unbreakable. Of course, though, like any relationship, it’s not always possible to see eye to eye with your little ones. When you’re dealing with someone who has little control over their emotions already, additional factors can make a real mess. To help you out with this, this post will be going through some of the steps which can be taken to improve your time with the little ones. Along with this, you’ll also have to do a lot of the work yourself, with time being the biggest investment you’ll have to make.

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  • Identifying The Cause

Whether your child is merely sulking or has been distant for a long time, it’s important to try to identify the cause of the issues before you try to fix them. To do this, you will have to think very logically, using your experience as a parent to help you along the way, while also considering a wide range of ideas. Below, you can find some of the different examples of the types of issues which can cause trouble in your relationship.

  • Some Examples

For a lot of parents, the addition of a child to their life is just another set of responsibilities which have to be taken care of. Of course, you love your child very much, but you also have other important things to do. For them, though, you are the most prominent figure in their life. They will emulate the things you say and do, learn from you, and yearn to spend time around you. Without this sort of interaction, it will be very easy for them to become distant with you.

Being the emotional sponges they are, a lot of kids will also pick up on the way that their parents are feeling. If there is a lot of anger or sadness in your home, your child will reflect this, and it will be hard to keep them happy. To avoid this sort of issue, any conflicts should be handled away from the kids. Along with this, though, it could also be worth trying to settle differences for good before it’s too late.

While you’re working or away from your child for other reasons, it’s often hard to think about the life they lead. Of course, though, they have a lot going on when you’re not around, and it can all impact the way they feel and act around you. Their social life, schooling, and other little stresses all make a difference. So, it’s important to be there for your child, especially as their work gets harder.

Not all relationship issues between kids and parents are down to the environment. Instead, in some cases, you may find that there’s something much deeper to your child’s turmoil. Conditions like autism and PTSD can be very hard for a child to come to terms with, often resulting in attachment difficulties and other problems in their early life. An expert is the best help you can get for this.

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  • Seeking Some Advice

It won’t always be a simple case of observing your child and using the knowledge you have to identify your issues. Instead, there could be problems which you’ll never notice, and this can make life very hard. To help you with this, you just need to look for the right advice to improve things. The internet is the very best place for this.

Over the years, loads of blogs, forums, and message boards have been started up with the aim of helping parents to see eye to eye with their children. Using their own experiences, parents share what they’ve learned, along with the tools you can use to help you. Often, a simple post on a site like this will be enough to identify your problems. But, along with this, it could also help to do some research.

The only real issue with these sorts of sites is the amount you can trust them. It can be hard to know whether or not the information you’re reading is true, as it has come from a user just like yourself. To solve this, doing a little bit of research could see you getting to the bottom of your kid’s childhood attachment problems. There are loads of specialist sites out there with the tools to help you in this area.

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  • Getting The Right Help

Finally, it’s time to think about the solid help you can get to solve your issues which are more than just articles and posts. In some cases, getting to the bottom of your issues will take a long time. To help you with this, professionals can be hired to work with everyone, providing the tools and resources to build a very happy family.

In most cases, the best help you can get will come from a therapist. By simply talking to your child about their life, using easy questions, a professional like this will be able to form a good idea of what might be bothering your child. With this, they will be able to give advice and make suggestions, giving you the power to make a difference. Of course, though, you should always read some reviews to make sure the person you choose is as good as they claim.

Along with someone to support your child, it can also be helpful to put the whole family through this sort of treatment. In most cases, issues in their environment will impact a kid more than anything else. So, it could be that the problems lie with you, and your child is merely reflecting them back at you. You won’t know until you’ve been to see someone, though. So, it’s worth getting yourselves booked in.

Hopefully, this post will be just what you need to improve the mood of the little ones in your family. There are a huge variety of different factors which can all impact this part of life, with a child’s simplified brain struggling to understand it all. Getting to the bottom of them is very important. Otherwise, it will be impossible to make a positive change.


Top 5 Disney Movies for Teen Girls

Who doesn’t love a Disney? Oh yeah, some people aren’t utter Disney children and still re-watch the movies over and over throughout their teen years. My bad. So, what movies do you convince your teen daughter to watch on her own or with the family? Fear not, here’s five Disney movies for them.

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Top 5 Disney Movies for Teen Girls


Many teens, especially girls, struggle with self identity and learning to accept themselves. Mulan is the story of one determined and strong-willed girl that finds a way to achieve what she wants, even through the criticism of others. This movie is best for showing girls to keep fighting and not let what others say get in your way. Buy it Here.

Alice in Wonderland

Clumsy little Alice, falling through the rabbit hole. Which version is a matter of personal preference, since both of the versions are pretty different from each other. This movie has a lot of humor and fun, and portrays a brave and determined young girl finding her way through the chaos of Wonderland. Overall, Alice tells girls no matter how crazy things may seem you can never give up, plus this movie is pretty humorous. Buy it Here.


Although this isn’t the time for most when girls are forced into marriage by their parents, Merida can be inspiring. She makes her own mistakes and causes her own problems at times. However, she learns to appreciate what she has and fight for her own thoughts and opinions to be heard. This girl is pretty strong and inspiring. Buy it Here.


Pocahontas went through a whole lot of chaos in this movie, hm? This woman is a strong willed and thoughtful character who deals with a lot of stressful factors, all with a love story woven in between. Throughout the movie she proves to teens that fighting for what you believe in can succeed, not to give up, and most importantly: you don’t need a knight in shining armor to come save you. Buy it Here.

Beauty and the Beast

Who doesn’t love a love story as a teen? I mean come on, falling for a beast is amusing and mysterious, isn’t it? Beauty and the Beast shows an image of a courageous and selfless girl. Although falling in love with a beast is kind of sketchy, it does show the concept of not judging a book by its cover or that love is about what’s on the inside. This movie has comedy, romance, fear, and more. This one doesn’t necessarily teach girls much, it’s just a romance must-see for any teen. Buy it Here.

Mulan, Alice in Wonderland, Brave, Pocahontas, and Beauty and the Beast. Quite a diverse pick isn’t it? However, all of these have good lessons and messages behind them for teen girls. Try getting your teen to watch these sometime!

This article was written by Ki Shack, my teenage daughter who is currently available to write content for your site. Contact us today to inquire about her rates and options.

Sleep Strategies For Baby, The Must-Haves For Parents

Having a new baby is going to take adjustment of all kinds. There are few things that can prepare you for the new responsibility, for the sudden room you have to make in the budget and for the sleep you’re not going to be having. Sleep training is easily one of the more difficult parts of being a new parent, but you can do it with a little help from wisdom that’s been passed from mother to mother.

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Take a seat

There are few things that can help a baby get to sleep as much as getting relaxed. A lot of parents will walk around with their baby or even take them out for a drive in their car seat to help them get to that state. However, it can be as simple as getting a seat like those from Rocking your baby has been proven to be great for helping them doze off. However, having to do it constantly yourself will get tiring and frustrating for a parent, so get something that can take the weight off your shoulders a little.

Be light strategic

Your child is very sensitive to light. We all are, really, with key hormones in our brain ruling over sleep directly linked to light exposure. In the daytime, you might be tempted to cut the lights if they show signs of napping. However, this can get in the way of their body clock, so don’t do it. At night, you can slowly ease them into nighttime sleepiness with lights like those shown at with dimmers attached. Turning off the light and just waiting for them to take their cue won’t work as well as taking the time to induce drowsiness.

Midnight snack

If your baby is having more trouble sleeping for long stretches at night, then a dream feed can really help. It might seem counter-intuitive to wake them up for a feed, but it’s a clever way of managing their body’s needs. Babies can only really have one long sleep a day and most often it’s hunger that gets in the way. A dream feed can help them sate that need so it doesn’t wake them more fully. Keep the lights dim and gently feed your baby before setting them back down.

Practice some restraint

As a new parent, it’s easy to be hypersensitive to a baby calling, especially at night. Those maternal triggers will fire and you’ll be tempted to go make sure everything’s alright. You shouldn’t ignore your baby if there’s sustained crying. However, using a baby monitor to suddenly rush in at every sound, or even brief cries, can be disruptive not only to the child. It can make you more alert than you need to be, getting in the way of your own night’s sleep due to stress. If you do want to check in on them, just be sure to keep lights dim and don’t look them in the eyes if they’re not sleeping fully.

Above all else, remember to treasure those nights where they sleep right through. They will be rare at first, so take advantage of them and try not to be a “helicopter parent” when they do.

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12 Awesome Pinatas for Your Next Party

As I work to plan this weekend’s birthday party for my two sons, my mind is on pinatas. I remember this being a huge part of childhood birthday parties. We would be blindfolded, handed a stick or bat and someone spun us around. Once done being spun around, we had to then use this baseball bat to try to whack the pinata to let loose all of that candy.

While this is a wonderful childhood memory, most pinatas were homemade whereas today you can hop online to purchase one that’s already made. And spinning to hit with a baseball bat? Say no more, there are now packages of gear for you to use that includes a blindfold and stick to hit the pinata. Having a party for younger kids? No problem, there’s even pull-string pinatas now. The options are endless, I hope you enjoy these pinatas I hand picked from Amazon to share with you.

12 Awesome Pinatas for Your Next Party

12 Awesome Pinatas for your Next Party

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Poop Emoji Pinata, Pull String

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Tequila Bottle Pinata

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Princess Tiara Pinata

Ya Otta Pinata Dragon Pinata

Ya Otta Pinata BB012220 Tractor Pinata

Tiki Pinata

Hidden Secrets No baby Book Will Tell You About Motherhood

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From the moment you find out you are going to be a mom to the day they turn one, you are going to have your face buried in baby books in an attempt to control the nerves that have you shaking like an autumn leaf. However, from our experience in motherhood, we’ve learned that there are more than few truths that baby books leave out; a few secrets that will spring up on your completely unwittingly.

So, to help prepare you for the home truths that hit harder than an Alex Rodriguez home run we have pulled together some things every experienced mom will nod their head at and things you probably haven’t heard about until now. We gotta tell you, this whole being a mom thing is the most entertaining adventure you have ever been on.

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You Will Sing Songs All The Time

At bathtime, during feeds, when you’re getting them dressed and preparing the usual dinner of pureed sweet potato; you will catch yourself singing another Disney song. Or a nursery rhyme. Or just a song where you have rewritten the lyrics to squeeze your baby’s name into it. You will become an all-singing and all-dancing mom that is happy to get paid in smiles.

Puke, Poop And Pacifiers

It is going to be an unprecedented experience for you (hopefully), but from the day your baby is born, you will have to get used to them being addicted to their pacifier and you getting puked on sixty-three times a day with the odd leaky poop thrown in there for good measure.

Your Google History Will Be Mental

Within a month, your Google history will be a minefield of giggles. You’ll find that you subscribed to Inner Parents just so you could find out what the best wipe warmer of 2017 is. There will be ten Google searches a day whereby you were searching, “what is wrong with my child,” and you will find yourself asking Siri, “How do moms with twins do it?”

You Will Leak Milk At Some Stage

Whether it be because you didn’t realise it took five days for your breast milk to come in after giving birth, or you didn’t manage to pump your boobs in time or, most embarrassingly of all, forgot to put your breast pads in; you will find that your boobs will leak milk and your shirt will display the results for all to see.

Your Kid’s Fashion Comes First

So long as your child looks as cute as hell, you will not care about the fact you are going out with sick-knotted hair, wearing a poop stained shirt and only one shoe on. You sacrifice your fashion needs to make sure your kid looks amazing; we all do it.

No Time To Shower

All those years you took the luxury of a shower for granted. But now it is too late because, well, you simply don’t have time for a shower anymore. Nope. The time will come, one day, but even then it won’t be a peaceful one as your kid bangs on the door and begs you to let them in. So, for now, your biggest luxury is dry shampoo. Sorry.

Building A Legacy To Be Remembered

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No one likes the idea of leaving nothing behind when they die, having their memory lost to the ages, and no one to keep it alive. Of course, instead, most people want to world to remember them for their achievements, and the things they’ve done with their life. It’s unlikely that you’ll ever become world famous, though, as this sort of goal is very hard to achieve. This doesn’t have to be bad if you use it as a way to focus on something much more important; your personal legacy. The way you impact your loved ones is a lot bigger than what you can do to the world. So, to help you out, this post will be going through some of the ways you can start working on this part of your life.

  • Money

Money is one of the first areas people will consider when they’re building their legacy. If you’ve chosen to follow a normal career path and are in a steady job, it’s unlikely that you’ll ever be a millionaire. But, this doesn’t mean that you can’t provide for your family. Companies like can help you to find cover which will provide your loved ones with a cash payout when you die. Along with this sort of tool, you could also consider saving some money, while also putting some into your home.

  • Work/Career/Business

Of course, though, when you pass, people won’t just remember you for the money you’ve managed to make throughout your life; they will also remember your drive and motivation. Working hard at your job, studies, or business is a great way to leave your loved ones remembering you as a good person. Along with the way people remember you, working hard will also impact how easy your children find it to work towards their goals.

  • Community

For some people, helping those closest to you won’t be enough, and you’ll also want to have an impact on a greater scale. As mentioned above, trying to impact the entire world could be a far too lofty goal. This doesn’t mean that you can’t start working on your local community, though. The people living around you could benefit hugely from money being invested or work being done to improve the area. Along with helping people to remember you, this will also ensure that you leave a big mark on the place you call home.

  • Your Children

Finally, it’s time to think about your children. When they are young, they will attempt to emulate you, following what you do and trying to do it themselves. This means that, by working hard and teaching them well, you can have a huge impact on their lives. To make the most of this side of your legacy, you have to willing to put in plenty of time, as you’ll also need to do some learning yourself. Help your child with homework and studies, while also encouraging them to be curious. This will be one of the best ways to build your legacy.

Hopefully, this post will inspire you to start working on the legacy you leave when you pass. A lot of people ignore this area, focusing on other parts of the life, often leaving this until it’s too late. This sort of work needs to begin before you even have kids, though, if you want to be able to build the best possible memory of your name.