Renita Smith Saves 20 Kids

In September 2016 a bus driver in Maryland, Renita Smith, saved 20 children. This is a Mom Influence news story because, well even bus drivers are good souls who feel their little bus riders are their “babies”. I was amazed to hear this story that was featured on the Today Show and on Ellen’s show.

Renita Smith was quoted to say that she believes that moms are hereos, quoted in the article featured at Today, “You wear a lot of hats, and (motherhood) doesn’t come with a pamphlet, so you have to get right in there and just do it.” I second that Renita Smith. It’s so true, motherhood doesn’t come with a pamphlet and as a mom we wear oh so many hats.

The Story of Renita Smith Saving 20 Kids

During a routine bus drop off route, Renita saw the bus brake light come on. This usually indicates a mechanical problem, she presumed she had time to make it to the next drop off or two but little did she realize they would soon smell smoke. The kids informed Renita that the bus was smoking and soon enough she saw the fire. There wasn’t time to call her manager and get the manager on the phone, Renita had to use her quick thinking skills to save these 20 students on her bus.

The kids were told to get off that bus and a neighbor took the kids to a safe haven. From there Renita got back on the bus for one last check to ensure all kids were off the bus. A mom to an 18 year old son and 4 year old daughter, Renita was last heard to be taking some time off but her children are ever so grateful that both their mother and the kids on that bus were saved due to Renita’s quick thinking in the moment.

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