Sporting Ruses Not Even Sherlock Holmes Would See Through

Most kids fall into one of two categories. They either love sports, or they hate the stuff. This has been the case for time immemorial, and we can all remember which group we fit into. If you didn’t enjoy sports, physical education would become a traumatic experience. There certainly wasn’t any chance of sports in your free time.

Once upon a time, though, that wasn’t so much of a problem. Even kids who didn’t love sport would go outside of an evening and play with their friends. Now, with the possibilities of games consoles and television streaming, it’s harder than ever to get non-sporty kids outside. And, who can blame them when there’s so much fun stuff to do? But, with childhood obesity now up to one in every five children, it’s crucial you encourage activity in your child.

The good news is, not every sport emits the groans that, say, a suggestion of football might do. In fact, some sporting activities won’t even seem like sports to your kids. Here, we’re going to take a look at some prime examples. Encourage your child to do any of these three activities, and they’ll exercise without even noticing.


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 The chances are that you won’t have much trouble encouraging your child to skip. It’s a standard playground game and something that most children will do of their own volition. Yet, jumping rope is one of the most efficient forms of exercise. So much so that your child stands to burn ten calories for every minute they skip. Just half an hour of this could do them a world of good. If you haven’t already, buy them a skipping rope, and encourage them to play with it whenever you can.


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Most kids would love the chance to own a trampoline. It’s just one of those things on the bucket list of just about anyone under the age of 13. And, it might be a good idea to stop resisting them. Trampolining is another incredibly efficient exercise. It uses everything from leg muscles, to those in the stomach. While not as efficient as skipping for calorie loss, this is still fantastic for getting muscles working. Bear in mind that buying a trampoline isn’t as easy as getting a jump rope. You’ll need to ensure you purchase the safest option possible. You can visit Parenting Pod for more information on the best options out there, or do your own research. Once you find a model which fits your need, don’t hesitate to invest.

Horse Riding

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The majority of little girls, and some boys too, dream of the chance for horse riding lessons. As such, it shouldn’t take much convincing to get them to take up this physical activity. At 200 calories per 45 minute ride, this doesn’t have quite the same calorie burning capabilities. But, it’s still physical exercise. And, beggars can’t be choosers when unsporty kids are involved. So, make their horse riding dreams come true, and help them get fit, too.


Ready For Life Outside The Nest?

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There comes a time in every parent’s life where they stumble across a night of zero sleep, their brain ticking like a clock on the fritz as they wonder whether or not they did enough as a parent to set their kid up to be successful in life. This usually happens right before your kid decides to leave home.

You will sit there, staring down the barrel of an emptier nest, panicking that you never did enough to prepare them for college, work and just life in general. Well, to help you panic less and rest assured more, we have pulled together a list of essential life skills your teens will need before they close the front door and wave goodbye from the driver’s seat of their first rust bucket. Think of this as a sort of checklist if you will.

What’s Cooking?

Every teen would love to have takeaway pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but this isn’t exactly ideal. Neither is a life of Ramen noodles. That is why you need to teach your kid the life skill that is a few basic meals that they can fall back on and build off. Something nutritious and delicious.

Money Matters

All that time at school, enduring a life of pop quizzes and exams that are meant to get you the best job possible, and yet not a single class on money management or budgeting. That is why you need to make extra sure you teach your kid how to budget, the dangers of debt and how to make their money stretch further.

On Time

Teenagers are famous for their inability to wake up before 11 am, but being on time is a pretty important skill to have. We’re talking job interviews, doctor’s appointments, dentist check-ups, meeting friends and whatever else. Sure, some places use an appointment reminder to help overcome the pain in the-you-know-where of having people not show up, but it’s a skill that will come in handy. That’s a fact.

Social Skills

Getting a great education is super-important, but having the social skills is on another level. Being able to hold a conversation, communicate with others, work well in a team, talk in a way to get people to listen and inspire with the same veracity as, let’s say, Jon Snow. That starts with basic manners like saying please and thank you and ends with sympathising other people’s opinions. You want to make a great first impression and then deliver from then onward.

Lust Or Love

Just think back to when you were young and foolish for a second. All those romantic pit-stops you made, your vision clouded by ideas of young love and finding the one you were meant to be with while working as a barista in some tiny coffee shack in the midwest. It is a time of euphoria and total heartbreak, and that is why you need to help your child understand the difference between love and lust, and why you need to help them recover from a breakup.

Top 5 Disney Movies for Teen Girls

Who doesn’t love a Disney? Oh yeah, some people aren’t utter Disney children and still re-watch the movies over and over throughout their teen years. My bad. So, what movies do you convince your teen daughter to watch on her own or with the family? Fear not, here’s five Disney movies for them.

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Top 5 Disney Movies for Teen Girls


Many teens, especially girls, struggle with self identity and learning to accept themselves. Mulan is the story of one determined and strong-willed girl that finds a way to achieve what she wants, even through the criticism of others. This movie is best for showing girls to keep fighting and not let what others say get in your way. Buy it Here.

Alice in Wonderland

Clumsy little Alice, falling through the rabbit hole. Which version is a matter of personal preference, since both of the versions are pretty different from each other. This movie has a lot of humor and fun, and portrays a brave and determined young girl finding her way through the chaos of Wonderland. Overall, Alice tells girls no matter how crazy things may seem you can never give up, plus this movie is pretty humorous. Buy it Here.


Although this isn’t the time for most when girls are forced into marriage by their parents, Merida can be inspiring. She makes her own mistakes and causes her own problems at times. However, she learns to appreciate what she has and fight for her own thoughts and opinions to be heard. This girl is pretty strong and inspiring. Buy it Here.


Pocahontas went through a whole lot of chaos in this movie, hm? This woman is a strong willed and thoughtful character who deals with a lot of stressful factors, all with a love story woven in between. Throughout the movie she proves to teens that fighting for what you believe in can succeed, not to give up, and most importantly: you don’t need a knight in shining armor to come save you. Buy it Here.

Beauty and the Beast

Who doesn’t love a love story as a teen? I mean come on, falling for a beast is amusing and mysterious, isn’t it? Beauty and the Beast shows an image of a courageous and selfless girl. Although falling in love with a beast is kind of sketchy, it does show the concept of not judging a book by its cover or that love is about what’s on the inside. This movie has comedy, romance, fear, and more. This one doesn’t necessarily teach girls much, it’s just a romance must-see for any teen. Buy it Here.

Mulan, Alice in Wonderland, Brave, Pocahontas, and Beauty and the Beast. Quite a diverse pick isn’t it? However, all of these have good lessons and messages behind them for teen girls. Try getting your teen to watch these sometime!

This article was written by Ki Shack, my teenage daughter who is currently available to write content for your site. Contact us today to inquire about her rates and options.

How Do You Know What Your Child Is Thinking?

Kids are so changeable these days it feels almost impossible to keep up. They might have liked something yesterday, but today they’ll deny ever being interested. Anything from the food that they like to the toys and games that they want to play with changes from one day to the next. It’s not important to know everything about your child’s life, it’s important to keep up to date for a lot of reasons. Their safety is always a concern because they could unwittingly be putting themselves in dangerous situations without knowing. It’s also impossible to buy them gifts that they like if you don’t know what the next big thing is. Having a better understanding of your child’s likes and dislikes improves the time you spend with them as well. If you’re completely clueless about your kid’s life, try these methods to gain a bit of insight.


Online Resources  

The internet is full of all sorts of great parenting resources and you can use them to find out what kids are into at the minute. When you’re trying to buy gifts for young children, they’ll want exactly what all of their friends are playing with. There are plenty of sites that can tell you what the most popular toys for toddlers are at the moment. But make sure you check these sites regularly because it’s always changing. When your kids start to get a little older it’s even harder to understand them. Sometimes, they’re using so much slang it’s like they’re speaking another language. Luckily, there’s a great new site called careful parents that can help you with that. It has loads of great information on slang terms and what they mean, as well as the latest trends in toys, games, fashion, and all sorts of other things. Have a quick browse and your eyes will be opened.

Talk To Other Parents

As a parent, you’ll pick up on small snippets of your children’s lives but you’ll never get the whole picture. But if you meet other parents and you all fit those bits and pieces together like a jigsaw, you can start to build a better idea of what they’re all up to. If you hear or see anything that you’re concerned about, ask the other parents if they’ve heard anything similar. By combining your efforts, you can keep a better eye on your kids and find out the things that they aren’t telling you.

How Do You Know What Your Child Is Thinking

Ask Them

It seems like an obvious thing to say but many parents are afraid to do it. The key to getting them to open up to you is to be casual about it and not push them. Don’t sit them down and demand to know everything that they do when you’re not around. It’ll just make them feel persecuted and they won’t want to speak to you at all. Just take a general interest in the things that they like doing and let them know you are open to their likes and dislikes. This will build more trust between you and they should hopefully tell you more about their lives.

Don’t expect to find out everything about your child’s life, just try to keep on top of anything that might be a worry.

How Eyebrow Piercing Showcased Unconditional Love

My first born child is what I call my first “experiment” in motherhood. None of us really know if we are doing this mom gig right but all of us hope to be that mom influence on our children. With that being said, each new day as the first born child gets older I am faced with new experiences, challenges and heart felt moments. Most recently my first born child, Miss Ki, had expressed an interest in getting a piercing. It started with her showing me some photos of random body piercings such as an industrial. The industrial piercing is a long bar across the top of your ear, well that’s how I explain it anyway. Then she went on to show me other piercing ideas, all of which make me mostly cringe.

Mom Not Into Piercings

You see, I am not big into piercings, sure I had my tongue, nose and at one point my belly button pierced. This all occurred around age 16 through early 20’s. I outgrew that phase quickly and have found I am more of a tattoo person. I prefer small tattoos in areas not regularly visible so I still uphold that “office professional” look. With that being said, I am all about supporting your children in what they love. All three of my children are more artistic in self-expression, which is something I am happy about. I wasn’t so artistic, well I did write, but overall I went for the bad crowds. I am proud that, thus far, my freshman child is not interested in the drama, the bad crowd or what everyone else is doing. She remains her own self.

Deal For Eyebrow Piercing Made

After a bit of asking about permission to get a piercing and the eldest child doing her own research she approached me with a location in Nashua, NH called Precision Body Arts. She stated this location will pierce the eyebrow of age 14 and up. Apparently this is the first piercing, besides ear lobes that she wanted to go with. The funny thing is, she had the backup plan to ask for an industrial piercing if I said no because that’s “in the ear” at least and she knows I am cool with ear piercings. After much consideration, and procrastination, I said yes under one condition – she let me research the facility and that she pay for half of this piercing. The deal was made!

One of these pictures is not like the other. #teens #lovemydaughter

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We ventured over to Nashua, NH on the second day of January 2017 after I gathered up paperwork to prove that I am indeed her Mom and could give parental consent. The trip was nice, but long, about a two hour drive with the way I drive – slow. We arrived at Precision Body Art and were welcomed by the nice lady at the front desk. This lady checked us in, took our proof of identifications and had us sign paperwork for permission to get the daughter’s eyebrow pierced. I was shaking. I had tears in my eyes. This was a nervous time for me, for I never have seen anyone get their eyebrow pierced and this is my first born baby. She needs to stop growing, dangit!

The Process Was Complete

Then, before we knew it, it was over. My eldest child walked away with a cute little eyebrow piercing that actually looks cute on her face. This whole experience may not seem like a big deal to others, but to me and I presume to my daughter, this was a moment where she was able to realize that her Mama supports her and loves her for who she is. In this moment, this time in Nashua NH at Precision Body Arts, we bonded as mother and daughter over something that was important to her … not me. I showed Miss Ki that I will be here, regardless of her age and desires, to support her form of self-expression always and love her unconditionally regardless of our differences.

Be a Positive Mom Influence

This, my friends, is all that one should do as a mom. We need to be the positive mom influence on our children. Through our decisions to support and love unconditionally when it comes to our children, we are subconsciously teaching them to do the same to others.

Cheers to supporting our children for who they are growing up to be!