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I have spent my life making mistakes and learning from them. That’s all I ever wish for human kind, that we each learn from the mistakes we make.

It’s not about who is better than someone else nor is it about who is more successful. As human beings, as mothers, we all should learn to uplift each other. Respect that I raise my children one way, while you raise yours another way. Mothers influence more people than they realize. It’s time to start living life fully and come to the realization that we are all in this together.

“You have to accept whatever comes, and the only important thing is that you meet it with the best you have to give.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Acceptance goes a long way. My aim is to share influential content that inspires mothers everywhere to accept whatever comes. Once you become a mother the unexpected tends to be expected, that’s just part of motherhood. One thing I have learned in raising a daughter, a high functioning autistic son and a hyperactive son is that nothing is as it seems. There isn’t a book to tell you how to specifically raise each child, you sort of just learn as you go.

One thing will forever remain true for all mothers,

Words matter, choose them wisely

Why Parent Influence?

Parent Influence was created by the former owner of Happily Blended, after blogging for over 8 years under that brand, she wanted more. As a firm believer that parents are a child’s first influence in life, Brandy Ellen wanted to create a site where all parenting styles are welcomed and anyone can come to read about parenthood. From tips to tricks to positive co-parenting, grand-parenting and everything in between – the name Parent Influence simply made sense.

On Parent Influence you will not be judged for your parental decisions, you will not be looked down upon for taking care of your children how you see fit. You will not be told how to parent, and you won’t be chastised for sharing an opposing opinion. All thoughts, stories and experiences are welcomed here so as long as you remain respectful, considerate and open-minded to other people’s ways of life and parenting.

Our Writers

Currently Parent Influence has two writers in addition to Brandy E Tanner. If you are interested in becoming a contributor please use our contact form to request more information. If you prefer to write content in the form of an advertisement, paid/sponsored post or similar please contact us today so we can discuss those options.

There is not currently any openings for paid writers, but as Parent Influence grows we will create a writer’s compensation plan. If you want to help the site grow and share your stories of parenthood please contact us today. All stories welcomed.

Email Us Your Parent Influence Story or Questions at  contact{at}parentinfluence{dot}com



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