7 Tricks For A Home That’s Heaven Scent

Every home tends to struggle with odors at one time or another, whether this is from pets, kids playing outside, or the bins. However, you don’t have to put up with these odors – there are tricks you can use that will help you to make your home smell incredible 24/7. Read on to find out what they are:

7 Tricks For A Home

Utilize Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is one of the nicest and healthiest ways to make your home smell good. Some people don’t realize that candles bought from the store can be toxic, due to the ingredients in them. By purchasing high quality essential oils and using them in a diffuser, you can ensure your home smells amazing and enjoy the calming and uplifting benefits of aromatherapy.

Start Using More Natural Cleaning Agents

Instead of using cleaning agents filled with toxic stuff, start using more natural agents. You can look at sites like CleanHappens.com to get an idea of the clothes detergent you can find, and you can even look online for your own recipes. Why not create your own furniture polish using a carrier oil like olive oil, your favorite essential oil, and a small amount of vinegar? You’ll shine up your furniture and avoid stinking the house out with furniture polish.


Simmer Herbs On The Stove

If you want a gorgeous smell to permeate the home and cut through the smell that lingers at the moment, simmering herbs on the stove is one of the best ways to do it. Some of the best herbs for the job include lavender and mint, and you can also add citrus to the mix to make it smell fresh. Alternatively, you can cook something yummy like cookies or bread. The smell will wander through your home in the best way, so it’s perfect for when you’re hosting a party.

Clean Out Your Drains

If you have a funky smell in your home, it could very well be your drains. Usually, a combination of vinegar and baking soda can clean them out, but you’ll need to be careful. If the smell is seriously bad, you may have an underlying problem and need to call in a pro.

Get A Gentle Dog/Cat Spray

Pets smell. We love them to bits, but there’s no two ways about it. A gentle dog/cat spray can usually help to make them smell better. You can find leave in shampoos that you simply brush through, so there’s no need to put them in the dreaded tub. Just make sure you read reviews and ensure the spray is gentle enough for their skin.

Make Carpet Freshener Your Friend

It isn’t always enough to vacuum the carpet. Carpet freshener before vacuuming can make the world of difference and really get rid of those lingering nasty smells.

Cotton Ball Perfume Bombs

Grab your favorite oil or perfume, and create cotton ball perfume bombs that you can strategically place around the house. You can put them behind cushions and sofas, in flower arrangements, and anywhere else you like. Just don’t forget where you put them!

Leave your own tricks below!

Clever Ways to Use Kool Aid Around the Home

Who knew that little pack of Kool Aid sitting in your cupboard could be used for more than a sugary drink! Sit back, and keep reading to find all the clever ways you can use Kool Aid around your home!

From cleaning your dishwasher to testing for leaks in a toilet, you will be amazed at all the clever ways to use Kool Aid!

Clever Ways to Use Kool-Aid In your Home

Clever Ways to Use Kool Aid

Dishwasher: Put the lemon flavor into your dishwasher detergent area to help break down buildup in your dishwasher!

Toilet Cleaner: Put some of the citrus flavored Kool Aid into your toilet, and let it sit for a bit. The citric acid will break down buildup. Then just use your toilet bowl wand to clean.

Test for Toilet Leak: Think your toilet might be leaking. Open the back of your toilet where the water is, and pour in a packet of Kool Aid. Then if your toilet is leaking, the colored water will be seen on the floor. You will know the water came from the toilet.

Dye Yarn: If you have yarn, you can dye it. Simply wash the yarn gently with baby shampoo. Then add the color of the Kool Aid you are wanting mix, it with some water in a pan. Turn it on medium, and let the water come to a boil, and then cover the pot and turn heat off. Let it sit for an hour, and your yarn will soak up the color.  You will use 1-2 packets of Kool Aid for an ounce of yarn, to give you an idea of what you will need.

Easter Eggs: Want to color Easter eggs, this is a safe natural alternative! Just add 2/3 cups water to 1 packet of Kool Aid. Let your hard boiled eggs soak in the mixture, until it reaches the color you desire.

Play Dough: In a bowl mix 1 cup of flour, 1/4 cup salt, 1 tsp cream of tartar, 1 tbs of vegetable oil, and 2 packets of Kool Aid, and 3/4 cup water. Mix over medium heat, it will then form it to the consistency of what you want. When you are done playing with it store in air tight container.

Color Clothespins: If you have clothespins, you can take 3 cups of boiling hot water, to two packets of Kool Aid, and soak it for around an hour or more. Let it soak until it reaches the consistency of the color you want. Then let dry. These colored clothespins are fun for crafts you might create with kids.